Friday, August 6, 2010

Withdraw Lucky from Class, pay Field Fees

I withdrew Lucky from her first Advanced Beginners class after only one session.  Reason being, as far as I can see the instructor is just running barely prepared dogs thru the same full courses as the Monday night Competitive Handling class.  Very little skill building is going on.  As said before, our club doesn't have a stepped program to follow, so she is doing what she knows.  The club is apparently very short of instructors.  There is no Beginners class again this session.

I applied the balance of the money to paying Field Fees for the rest of the year (21 weeks, $21).   I don't like the idea of going out to the field alone and probably won't, but I will take Lucky out there when there are people out there, go off in a corner and practice with her myself.  I will teach her at home as well, but this way she will get some socialization and a few outings a week.  I've got plenty of material to draw from to improve her skills as well as my handling.  We'll do it on our own.  Maxie can get in a few extra licks, too.  Fooh Fooh also knows all the equipment, come to think of it, so he would enjoy getting out there, too.

Also, this way Sheryl and I can partner up, help each other out.  It always helps for someone to critique what you are doing.

For $50 a year, the club allows members with sufficiently trained agility dogs to access the field whenever they want.  They get the combination to the gate lock.  It's an incredible bargain.  You don't have to build or buy your own equipment, which can run into the thousands of dollars.  You don't need your own fenced yard.  Only drawback, there is no bathroom (you have to Go Before You Come), and it's not in the best part of town.  Some people are afraid to be out there alone, especially at night.  Best to keep your cell phone and mace with you.

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