Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blogging Practices

Well, my butt is sore from blogging, but I think I prefer it to actually practicing.  Maybe it's the 95 degree weather.  I stepped outside to run Lucky for a bit, and it felt like a hot towel slapped in my face.  Sweat beaded up on my forehead immediately, my shoulders drooped, I picked up some poop (gotta do that before each practice session) and within 5 minutes of that, me and the dogs headed back inside and here I am again at the computer.  One more month of this stiffling Louisiana heat, then September should be cooler.  I can hardly wait.

My first question, what can I blog about now? Lots of topics fascinate me, a lot of other things are on my mind, and I have thousands of photos I could use to illustrate my life with. But since this blog is about dog agility (the process, pitfalls, people, trialing, lessons learned, etc), I'm somewhat limited.   

What is on my mind about this blog, then, is how drab the pages look without pictures.  I like a colorful blog, but I don't have the right pictures to illustrate every page with.  Some blogs have ads all along one side.  That's colorful.  Maybe there are dog related ads.  That could work.  Yes, I think I'll check out Google AdSense today, see what they have to offer.  It will be interesting to see what they deliver.

Google has a long way to go to improve this process.  I still can't figure out where my images are stored.  They have to be somewhere.  Every time I want to sign Michele to the bottom of a post, I have to upload it again from my computer.  I've read all the Help files, but they haven't helped.  And after I've added and sized a picture, I can't get the Settings bar to come back up.  I click, it appears then disappears.  I have to delete it and start all over.  So frustrating. That's wrong.  Thousands of man-hours wasted, probably millions, by all the Google bloggers out there trying to manipulate their images.

I did just figure out what a "gadget" is and how to add one.  I added a Site Meter.  Now I can tell how many people visit this blog, per day, per week.

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