Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Morning Intro To Agility Class #2

Loralie taught the 2nd session of Intro To Agility at 9 a.m. this Saturday morning, and I more or less assisted.  She didn't have me do much, but I watched, listened and learned. 2 dogs were missing and while it was only about 85',  it was so hot one lady grew faint and had to sit on the grass and apply cool compresses on her face and neck.   Actually, it wasnt' all that hot, but very humid.  The air was thick. Loralie extended the class from 1 hour to 1.5 hours, because there are 8 dogs enrolled.  Class size is usually about 6.

First agility book I ever read, Jane Simmons Moake's Agility Training, The Fun Sport For All Dogs, c 1991, has lesson plans in it for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced classes, where 8-10 students are divided into 2 groups of 4-5, and while one group does one set of equipment with one instructor, the next group does the other set with the 2nd instructor, then at half-time the students switch teachers.  Nobody stands around for long waiting for their turn.  They get their money's worth.

When I learn Loralie's methods, maybe we can split the duties.  She does too much for a volunteer.

The students all seem to like Saturday morning classes. One lady said she couldn't come at all on week nights. Also, it appears at least half of them are interesting in advancing.  So-o-o-o, maybe we will soon be needing Saturday Beginners and Advanced Beginners teachers.  Saturday classes make a lot of sense.

One of the action shots of Maxie
 competing at Monroe Trial June 2010

There is a little papillon in the class, a black and white 2 year old named Presto.  I had a chance to sit on the ground and play with her awhile -- totally different personality from Max, gorgeous long ear and tail feathers, but short wiry body hair, and she snapped at me if I tried to shake hands or pet her sides.  She also doesn't kiss, whereas Maxie is a kissing fool.

Since I paid my field fees ($21 for the rest of the year) Loralie gave me the combination to the field, so as of today I can access the field any time I want.  I plan to take Lucky and Maxie out there a few times a week.

After class, Loralie also showed Kimberly a home made set of 2x2 weave poles.  They seem easy enough to make, so I will try to make some at home, maybe this week.

The rest of today, I culled out over 1000 emails, processed some of Maxie's Monroe Trial photos (disk came in yesterday's mail, a whole month after the trial), and tonight Audrey is coming over for dinner and to watch the Joan Baez PBS special, which I found on Netflix and can stream.

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