Trial Site Summaries

As I attend various local/regional trials, I keep a record of the site conditions, travel time, etc. Click on any of the sites listed below to read my descriptions, see photos, videos, etc.

Amite, LA
Florida Parishes Arena

Distance (from Baton Rouge): about an hour
Driving Directions (from Baton Rouge): Take I-12 to Hammond, north on I-55 about 20 miles to Exit 46, La Hwy 16.  Proceed East 1.5 miles.  Arena on left, clearly marked.
Arena:Open on 3 sides, with shade screens.  Hard packed dirt.  2 rings.  Must climb stairs to get into the bleachers.  Arena is surrounded by parking, then by woods.  A copperhead snake was killed coming from the woods, so we were asked to keep our dogs away from the woods.
Bleachers: Aluminum, permanent, 1 flight of stairs up to a wide walkway.  Ample hand rails, plenty of space. Bring bleachers seat.
RV parking: Flat, gravel, no trees, lots of spaces, near the arena, surrounded by more gravel parking, then woods.
Camping: Tents were pitched under roof in a wide dirt lane to the west side.  Late afternoon sun beat down on the tents.  There were several electric outlets along the columns for tenters.
Concessions: Nice concession area, locked up at night, freezer
Crate Space: can crate on dirt at floor level around WSW side of arena, and on concrete in the walkways.  Best crate area is in the atrium near the rest rooms and concessions, no sun, protection from wind and rain.  Less good is SE corner near the Smoking Area, where afternoon sun beats down.
Photography: From bleachers to the east, too much back light.  From west side, there are some "duck blind" type platforms and some wooden bleachers.  These work well.
Weather: April, upper 70's to lower 50's.  The pop-up camper's AC had a hard time keeping up with the sun beating down on the white gravel.  Temp there got into upper 80's with the curtains pulled.  Be sure and orient rig with back to the south, awning to the north.

Baton Rouge, LA
Parker Coliseum
Distance: on LSU campus, about 15 minutes from my house.
Driving Directions:
Arena: hard packed dirt, indoors, not air conditioned but cool, PA system, , 2 rings
Bleachers: permanent bleachers 360 degrees around, upstairs, solidly built, individual seats (no benches).
RV parking: level RV parking spaces on grass nearby, closely spaced, and easy walking distance; woods and grass nearby for pottying
Camping: None
Concessions: no concessions, no refrigerator or microwave in food prep area
Crate Space: crate space in halls all around arena
Hotels: ?

Weather: In early April, weather is in the 80's.

Birmingham, AL
Sports Blast Arena
I haven't been to the arena in Birmingham but a friend took this 360 video of the arena.  It is air conditioned/indoors/2 rings with concessions.

Brandon, MS
Rankin Co. Livestock Multi-Purpose Pavilion

Rankin Co. Pavilion Entrance
Distance (from Baton Rouge): 175 miles, almost all interstate. 3 hours, going 75 mph, with a stop at the Mississippi Welcome Center going, and the LA Welcome Center coming back.  Both very clean and pleasant.
Driving Directions (from Baton Rouge): Take I-12 to Hammond, I-55 North to Jackson, I-20 East to Brandon, Exit ?, cross railroad tracks, go left on Marquette Road just after the Bottling Company, arena on left.
Arena: An older arena, open on 3 sides with horse stalls all around, but concrete sides about 5' up block wind.  Dirt is hard packed and not dusty in ring.  Several "big ass fans" kept the place cool and breezy all day.  No stairs to walk, unless you go into the bleachers.  Cars can be parked near enough by to offload, but my wagon came in handy.
Bleachers:  Concrete, nobody went up there.  Not easily reached from arena floor.
South side of building.
RV parking: Huge concrete parking lot behind arena, on north side, a good walk away.  No trees.  I  saw one place I could put my pop-up camper, near the south side of the building.  No water hookups, but electrical is available in the alcove, with a little grassy area behind and some little bleachers.  No shade.  Rest rooms were open 24/7, but all the way behind building.
Camping:  Didn't see any camping. No showers.
Concessions: None open for trial.

My crate space, amongst a sea of others.
Concrete bleachers in back.
Crate Space: A few around the walls, but most crated in the open area in 1/2 of the arena not being used as a ring.
Hotels: I stayed at Red Roof Inn, only about 1 mile from the arena, along with many other competitors. It was old and run down, but the rooms were clean, the bed comfortable, staff friendly, grounds neat, and the price was right -  $35/night, no pet fee, wi-fi worked great, refrigerator, microwave in room! At that price, who needs a motor home?  Other people stayed at LaQuinta, saying there was no more room at Red Roof.  Got to get your reservations in early.
Food:  Plenty of good restaurants right around the Red Roof Inn.  Fried Catfish shack was great, Mexican.  Others.  Prices very reasonable.
Photography: Videos taken looking into the open air areas were dark.  Best to face with camera towards bleachers.
Weather: While very early spring, it was already in the 80's out and getting hot, but the "big ass fans" in the arena kept a cool breeze going in the crate area and much of the ring -- so cool in fact that a jacket would have been nice in the early morning.

Gulfport, MS
Distance: from Baton Rouge, about 2 hours.
Driving Directions: from Baton Rouge, take I-12 to Slidell, I-10 east to Gulfport/Long Beach.
Arena: Open air arena (3 sides) under roof, awful sunset floods arena and blinds runners for about 10 minutes, 1 ring open, the other empty. 3 days on a sandy, dusty surface with horrible rain storms beating down on a hot tin roof was taxing on all our nerves.
Bleachers: wooden, open and benches hard to sit on, but sturdy. Bring stadium seat.
RV parking: RV spaces are level, wooded, near parking, with hookups. Expansive grassy exercise areas. The pop-up would work well here, but must get there early for a good spot.
Camping: The campsites are level and not too far from the arena, many shaded.
Concessions: Freezer, refrigerator, ice machine and microwave available, but no food sold. Covered portico with picnic tables, and covered gazebo in RV area.There is a 24/7 shower and bathrooms.
Crate Space: crate space at one end on raised platform, and since only one ring was used, the whole floor space was available. Many people set their crates up near the ring, in the empty ring space, nearer to everything, reducing walking time. On the down side, we were nearer to all the action which is harder on the dogs' nerves.
Hotels: Stayed at the Ramada Inn in Gulfport. Used Expedia online to book my room @ $63/night + $35 pet fee, which I split with Sheryl, so $42/night apiece. Not bad. Lots of restaurants in the vicinity, plus a Wal-Mart across the street, McDonalds nearby. It's about a 20 minute drive from motel to arena.
Photography: The lighting is bad for videoing from the bleachers. Backlighting washes everything out.
Weather: Muggy and heavy rains possible.

Steep stairs, red dirt, fully enclosed.

Hattiesburg, MS
Forrest County
Multi-Purpose Facility

Driving Distance: From Baton Rouge, 157 miles to arena, 2.5 hours, interstate all the way.
Driving Directions: From Baton Rouge, take I-12 to Slidell, exit I-59 North to Hattiesburg, go 70 miles; take US 98 East toward Mobile at 153 miles, exit I-49 North @ 156 mi.  Arena on the right 1/2 mile in, on Sullivan Road.  Big sign at the road.
Arena: The Hattiesburg arena is closed, vast, and the hard packed dirt is bright iron red. Air conditioners are loud and can affect the video audio. There are 2 rings.  Quite a few vendors, no concessions. No refrigeration. Nice rest rooms, closed at night.
Bleachers: Bleachers are permanent, individual seats, 360 degrees around the arena.  Reachable from behind, with a full flight of steep stairs descending into a sunken arena. Seats are comfortable, and the view is excellent.
Parking:  Car parking is a long distance from the arena entrances.  It would be best to have a wagon for loading and unloading your car or you will make several trips.  If you crate at ground level (on dirt), you can park your car near the back door.

RV Park is hilly, vast, no shade. 
Most slabs are on a slant so bring chocks and jacks.
RV Park: The RV park is a long walk away, almost driving distance, and 95% of the slabs are uneven, some on a steep slant. Cost is $25/night. You need some serious jacks to level your camper. No trees, no shade. The park is adjacent to several buildings that are used for other events, like Saturday Night battle-of-the-bands, which can keep you up all night.  There are 24/7 restrooms open on the way to the arena, but only a few slabs are close to them.  I will not stay here again with my pop-up.  Showers are available inside the arena, but it is locked up at night.
Camping: Indoor tent camping might be available in a dirt floor room adjacent to arena, but haven't seen anyone with a tent. 
Concessions: None, restrooms locked up at night, no freezer, no microwave, no stove.
Food:  lots of fast food places and restaurants, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. in town on the main drag, about 8 miles from the arena, right next to various motels.
Crate Space: Ample crate space, on concrete, behind the bleachers, all the way around the arena.  Get there the day before to get the best crate spots (near the stairs and outside doors). You are not allowed to crate on the dirt at ring level without special permission (judge, crew, disabilities).There is actually plenty of ground floor crate space in the hall and dirt-floor room at the back end of the arena. They should let people crate there, first come, first served. There are nearby grassy areas to potty the dogs everywhere, but nothing much under cover in case of rain.

Grounds outside arena
Grounds:  Large grassy lawn with shade trees and sidewalks, on rolling hills, just outside the arena doors.  Covered walkways provide shade enroute to RV park.

Bathroom, Motel 6
Room, Motel 6
Hotels:  I've only stayed at the Motel 6 on Hwy 49, no pet fee, Queen, Non-Smoking, Ground Floor, Park at Door for $37.27/night. There's an extra $2.50 charge per day for Wi-Fi, which is very slow.   It's on I-49, 8.5 miles north of the arena.  No fridge, no microwave, so I bring my own.  The queen single is comfortable, has both desk and table, with sufficient space for luggage, and a shower (no tub).  The TV is small, few channels available.  AC works fine, but the building has a low rumble that won't quit, and some seedy characters hang about outside.  Service was adequate, but they seem understaffed.
LaQuinta Inn across the street is $20 more expensive, but has lots more ammenities, bigger rooms, free breakfast, etc.
Photography: Set up tripod at front of bleachers, or ring side.  Plenty of room for people to pass.  Good lighting made for good videos, but the A/C rumbling sometimes makes the audio screech.
Weather: The weather in July is HOT, WINDY and WET. It was almost intolerable.  August isn't much better.

Kiln, MS 
Hancock County Fairgrounds

West side is behind us where lots of folks crated.
Notice red tent on right.

Driving Distance from Baton Rouge: 2 hours, 108 miles.
Directions: I-12 to Slidell, I-10 toward Gulfport, Kiln exit, north, right at the light at LimeKiln Road, arena1.5 miles down the road on the left.  You can also approach from I-59, take 43 east 21 miles into Kiln.  Beautiful drive, ranches and villas.
Arena: Open on 3 sides. The dirt in the arena was fairly packed and wetted down at night, so minimal dust. There is room for 2 courses, with an aisle down the middle.  There is no AC but it was not hot in September nor October.  There was a nice breeze.  Afternoon sun beats down hot on the west side, where a lot of people crated in their cars.
Kiln, MS RV park behind Harrison County Arena
RV Parking: Ample RV spaces, all electric and water hookups, within walking distance of arena (far right). $15/night. The ground is level. The bath house is open 24/7 with showers. There is a kitchen with a big freezer available, locked up at night.  Need to get your ice out of there shortly after the last run each day.  Bathrooms inside arena are open 24/7, but are a far walk from the campsites. Don't need outdoor carpet.  Nice grassy area under awning.  RV slots are sloped slightly.  In a rain, the lower portions hold water.
Weather: In October we ran the AC during the day (85 degrees) and the heater at night (55 degrees).  Short sleeves were fine.  Didn't sweat at all and it wasn't terribly dusty, so as to bathing, I did fine with just a warm wash cloth.
Crate Areas:  Lots of people crated on the west side under roof with open sides, near the concessions, but the afternoon sun beat down on that spot.  Loralie even pitched her tent under there and spent 3 nights.  I crated on the East side between the bleachers, nearest the RV park, and it was relatively quiet, no crowding, quite nice, morning sun was not hot.  It was easy to get into the bleachers, but a longer walk to the secretary's table and bathrooms. Some people crated at the base of the bleachers but this took up so much space it left little room for people to pass.  There is also crate space at the north side by the horse stalls.
Bleachers:  Made of wood, steep, few railings, and uneven floors make it easy to trip.  Also, some boards are flexible so they bow underfoot.  Most people stay on the ground.
Problems:  In 2011, there was a gas leak near the concessions entry door, which made me dizzy and gave me heart palpitations when I stood there to take videos.

Lake Charles, LA
Burton Arena at McNeese State University
Hosting Club:  Calcasieu Kennel Club

Distance (from Baton Rouge): 2.5 hours
Driving Directions (from Baton Rouge):
Traveling west on I-10:  Take Loop 210 to Exit 8.  Left on Hwy 14 (south) which is 4-laned to 4 Corners Exxon.  Go 4 miles straight south to Gauthier Rd.  Right on Gauthier 1 mile.  Burton Arena on your left.  NOTE:  Do not turn left at the Exxon station but keep going straight (south) on the two lane road (named Tom Hebert).
Arena: This arena is very nice, but open on 3 sides and not air conditioned. It was bitterly cold and winds of 25 mph whipped thru there all day Friday and part of Saturday. Gloves and ear muffs, and 4 layers of clothes, were all essential for keeping warm.
Bleachers: The bleachers are wonderful, aluminum, closed in back, steps are regular, have railings and are not too steep. The walkway in front of bleacher is wide, so setting up the tripod was no problem for people passing behind. The seats were cold, though, so a bleacher seat or blanket to sit upon is recommended.
RV Parking: No freezer available at concessions, but one in a nearby building. No showers. No trash cans in RV area. Our hookup number was N-6. N-1 is closest to the arena. The sites are level concrete, with grassy area behind for pottying dogs. Of course, being the second unit to arrive we put up our awning to claim more space for ourselves. Then we went to the movies and came back a few hours later to find our awning had blown over the roof and the poles were all bent up. But it didn't rip the fabric off the camper, so we came out pretty okay considering. Poles are easily replacable.
Camping: No mosquitoes, but the flies were terrible. Within minutes our camper was full of them. They didn't bite but buzzed around the food. Nathan brought me some fly strips, which caught a bunch of them. Jonathan amused himself catching/swatting/killing flies.
Food: restaurants not too far away, as arena is on a college campus.
Crate Space: on concrete, but rug is still needed as fine red dirt from arena gets tracked everywhere. Having my new black rubber WELCOME mats in front of each crate helped knock the dirt of my doggies' feet before crateup, and kept them relatively clean. My favorite crate area: Near rest rooms and concessions, the wind doesn't blow there. My second choice would be the other far corner behind the bleachers. There were steps to get ringside, but not too many.
Parking:  Ample parking all around the facility.  Not too far to walk.
Weather: Being near the gulf and alongside a swamp, the weather was raw. I told another RV'er as we passed her on Friday evening: "You never know what you're going to encounter at a trial." She replied: "No, it's always the same in Lake Charles in November -- cold, windy, and wet." We heard coyotes howling late in the evenings, coming from the swamp. That was a neat touch, along with bright stars and magnificent sunrises.

Mobile, AL
Mobile County Agri-Ed Pavilion
1070 Schillinger Rd N 36608

Distance: 192 miles from my house in South Baton Rouge to the arena, about a 3.25 hour drive. Driving Directions: Take I-12 to Slidell, I-10 West to Theodore/Dawes exit, go North 11 miles to arena (2 miles past Airport Drive, on the right). Easy drive. I used a whole tank of gas going both ways, about 17 gallons, but had to fill up there to include 3 13 mile round trips to motel.

Rest Stops:  The Mississippi Welcome Center is about 100 miles from home (1.75 hours from home), and the Alabama Welcome Center is 166 miles from home, about 2.75 hour drive.  Both have clean rest rooms and good pottie areas for the dogs.

Arena: The arena is under-roof but open on 3 sides, 2 rings, solid aluminum bleachers, ample stair rails, no overhead fans. The dirt was hard packed and kinda slippery for some dogs, orange, but not too dusty. There is ample parking close by, all around the building, and the east side is the best place to park for afternoon shade. The ground is flat, with plenty of grassy areas and a steep levy across the back side.

Weather: Temperatures were 50's to 80's in March, warm but tolerable in afternoon due to a cool breeze. Need a hat and jacket in the mornings.
Dry Camping, back side,
but similar all around arena

RV parking: There is only dry camping (no water), but at no charge. Actually, there are a few water spigots around the columns, and lots of electrical outlets which RV'rs and tent campers ran cords to.  Restrooms are open 24 hours, but no showers, no freezer.  A few tents can fit under roof and can run extension cords to the few outlets, but they take up much of the limited crate space.

Camping: The pop up camper would work best partially backed up to the NE corner of the building, between 2 columns, one of which has a working  water spigot and and another with an electrical outlet . Bring lots of frozen water bottles and a few gallons fresh water, and 100' of electric cord. It's shady here in the afternoon.  Only one person tent camped.  There isn't much space under roof for protected tent camping.

Concessions: No concessions but ring crew offered hot food each day for donations.
No microwave, no freezer.
North exit hall, nice and quiet, cool breeze
near everything.

Crate Space: My favorite crate space is on the north (entry) side of the building, in the hall around the corner from the rest rooms one way, and the Concessions the other way, and the Trial Secretary's office across the hall. It is a mellow space, nice breeze in summer (but cold in spring and fall), good light, not too secluded but not too busy. I was able to park my car right at the hall entrance for easy loading. The bleachers and arena were both easy to reach, only a few stairs, and a nice ramp. People were crated all over the perimeter, though, in all kinds of unlikely places due to a limitation of space under roof.

Accommodations: Stayed at Red Roof Inn on I-65 Service Road East, easily reached from the arena by going 2 miles south on Schillinger Road, turn left on Airport, go 6.5 miles under I-65, turn left on the service road, go past the Cracker Barrell and turn right into the motel.

The rooms aren't deluxe, there is no Continental Breakfast, but I got non-smoking, ground floor, 2 full beds, microwave, refrigerator, desk or table, cable, no pet fee, and wi-fi for $51.00/night (2011), and I really like being able to back my car up right to my door. It is clean and comfortable enough, there is enough grassy areas to potty the dogs, and quiet.  Can cancel by 6 p.m. on date of arrival.  In Feb 2012, rate was 47.80/night, including 14% tax, with my AARP discount.  My friend Mark got an additional 20% off using a Hotmail coupon (available if you book online, he says).  Rooms 126-136 are my favorite locations, just across from grassy area, with 2 full beds.  Doesn't have wide screen TV, but that's OK.
Phone: 225-291-5684

New Iberia, LA
Distance: from Baton Rouge, 90 miles, 90 minutes.
Driving Directions: take I-10 West to Lafayette, Exit 103A to New Iberia,  go about 20 miles to Exit 126, go left under overpass, left on Frontage Road, Right on Hwy 3212 and go a few miles, Sugarena on the right.  Good roads except for bumpy stretch coming into Lafayette on I-10 and in town.  Do NOT take the Henderson exit and go the back roads, which wind through small towns, are very bumpy, and take an extra half an hour to get there.
Arena: open on 3 sides, and surrounded by flat farm land with few trees.  The wind whips thru there from any direction, it can be deathly cold, so this trial site has earned the name "New Siberia". The dark brown dirt is hard packed and well watered, not dusty except for the warm up jump area, no livestock around, and no horse manure, but there were birds flying thru the rafters all weekend, and spanish moss dropping down from the rafters and rolling across the rings.

Back of arena, lots of flat RV spaces, against poles
or out in the grassy fields.
 Rings accessible from here.
The Sugarena has new electric and water hookups on every metal beam front and rear of the arena. They are also pouring money into developing a huge recreational fairgrounds and resort. This poster was displayed in the lobby, with the arena portion in grey. So far the rest is all just fields, ponds, and pastures. One day you can go to a trial, and stay to vacation for a week. There is a bunch of scenic stuff to see in Cajun Country -- The Atchafalya Swamp, the Tabasco factory at Avery Island, and many fine restaurants.
Bleachers: Very solid, safe, comfortable, concrete with aluminum seats.  The seats are freezing cold to sit on in cold weather, so bring a cushion.

RV parking: flat, level, on limestone, with water and electric hookups all along the front and back of the arena (two hookups on each support post), plus many grassy spaces out in the field with hookups.  Cost: $20/night. There is a dump station.  The restrooms are open 24-7, but no showers.  RV'ers can park close enough to arena not to need a crate space.
Camping: There is ample space under roof for tent camping, on dirt.
Front of arena, hookups on each pole, also near
where everyone parks their cars.
Concessions: There are concessions, and there is a freezer in the concessions area for re-freezing ice, but this room is locked up each night.  Hot food, snacks, hot chocilate and coffee are available for purchase.
Crate Space: Ample crate space everywhere, under roof, on concrete, but the warmest space most protected from wind would be along the inner walls, near concessions.  Some folks crate in a protected area behind the rings but they don't water the dirt there at night so it's extremely dusty.  Electric outlets are available with 100' of cord.  Bring a power strip.
Tent space:  There is ample space in the horse stall area, on dirt, and electricity if you bring 200' of electric cord and a power strip.  Cost $5/night.  There were at least 6 tents set up, with cars parked right beside them.
Hotels: Distance from arena to nearest LaQuinta Inn, New Iberia, about 3 miles (Exit 14, one exit past the Jefferson Island exit to the Sugarena), $86.63/night including tax, for really nice double queen room with microwave, refrigerator, full continental breakfast with eggs, sausage.  No pet fee.  All rooms are entered from indoors, 3 floors, the elevator is very slow and very small, so ask for a ground floor room.
Photography: Ample walkway to set up tripod, but better view high in bleachers.  Need to face camera in towards center of arena, as the morning and afternoon light are almost blinding.  In fact, at one point I feared for dogs at the start line, staring into the light and running straight towards the light,
Weather: nicknamed "New Siberia" due to freezing cold weather and wind.  However, it can also be beautiful and balmy in February.

Port Allen, LA,
Louis A Mouch, Jr.
Multi Purpose Facility

Distance: from Baton Rouge, about 15 miles from my house.
Driving Directions: from Baton Rouge, going I-10 west, cross over the Mississippi River Bridge.  Take the first exit right after getting completely off the bridge, Exit 151 to Hwy 415.  Take a right at the first red light, onto Court St.  Take a left about 1/8th mile down the road, just after the fire station.  Arena will be visible on your right.
Arena:  The arena is brand new, and beautifully laid out.  There are horse stables all around, and there were horses in there.  They didn't seem to distract the dogs in the ring, though.  There are several "big ass fans" in the ceiling which kept a real good breeze going.

Ramp to bleachers.
Bleachers: Aluminum, solidly built, good rails, nice ramp.  Hardly anyone sat in them, though, because there was so much floor space between them and the rings.  People sat in chairs around the rings.  Some people crated on an upstairs deck overlooking the arena.
RV parking: lots of space on limestone, backed by woods.  But only about 8 or 9 hookups.  RV'ers complained about the mosquitoes, and a few hookups weren't working.  Some RV'ers with generators parked on the other side of the arena, foregoing water and electric hookups.

Camping: There was ample space for tents.

Concessions: The concessions kitchen was large and beautiful, including both a huge freezer and refrigerator, accessible all day but locked up at night.
Food:  Lots of nearby restaurants and a McDonalds on the corner.
Crate Space: Lots of space, great privacy in walkway by concessions, but most folks crated in the wide expanse of flat dirt in front of the rings, lots of traffic there but the dogs didn't seem to mind.
Parking:  Parking lots are near the arena entrances.  Helps to have wheels to carry your stuff in.  Not much shade, so can't crate dogs in car.
Hotels: LaQuinta Inn is 7 miles away, in Baton Rouge.  This is where most out of towners stayed.  Some stayed at the Days Inn a few blocks away, the only hotel that takes dogs in Port Allen, but has very small rooms and no amenities.
Photography: Weird lighting overhead made the pictures come out dark.
Weather: In April, in the 80's but breezy and not uncomfortable with shorts on. 

West Monroe, LA

IKE Hamilton Expo Center
501 Mane Street
West Monroe, LA 71291

Distance: from Baton Rouge, 200 miles, about 4 hours @ 75 mph, all good roads, rolling hills, beautiful farmlands.  Speed limit changes from 45, 55, 65  thru several towns and I'm told speeding tickets are given.
Driving Directions: From BR, take I-10 to 61 thru St. Francisville to Natchez, the half-way point. Left at the McDonalds onto 425N. Veer right 30 miiles ahead at Sicily Island (still 425N), head N thru Winnsboro to Rayville, left on I-20 for about 20 miles to West Monroe, Exit 113, Downing Road, left at STOP, go overpass then take a right to IKE.
Arena: Large, indoors, air conditioned and completely enclosed. Dirt floor, packed but somewhat sandy. Course has many divits that need raking after large dogs run. No stairs throughout, except to reach the bleachers.  Most people sat in chairs around the rings.

Bleachers: along the back side, sturdy, permanent, individual chairs (no bleachers). However, most people sat in chairs around perimeter of rings.

RV parking: Yes, a vast expanse of flat ground behind arena, no trees, with hookups. 50 amps along the back side, 30 amps in the middle.  A long walking distance (5-8 minutes) from arena to RV's.  Otherwise, hot as hell on asphalt in summer, was 28-55 degrees in early March.

Camping: No.

Concessions: Yes, good hamburgers, muffins for breakfast, red beans and rice, etc. They will freeze my ice.

Food: tons of restaurants from fast food to sit down, all the chains, up and down the service road going to the various hotels.

Crate Space: Just about anywhere in front of the rings, a vast space, on dirt.  Guard fencing separates the crate area from the seating areas around the rings.

Parking: Ample, all around the arena, but absolutely no shade. Behind left side of arena, cars can park next to grass but you have to arrive early to get one of these spots.

Hotels: I stayed at Motel 6 within .25 miles of the arena, on Constitution (Frontage Road), older buildings but clean and well-run, king room is roomy enough, w. microwave, fridge, Wi-Fi, Cable, desk, no continental breakfast, 2 story, no elevators, exterior room entrances with car parking by each door, ample grassy area right across the parking lots of all ground floor rooms. Can reserve then cancel same day by 6 p.m. 44.95/night, including tax. No pet fee. Cheaper than Red Roof Inn right down the road, which has smaller rooms.
Photography: Videos from the bleachers and from ground level came out good.  No back-lighting problem thanks to being indoors.  There is a central pavillon upstairs from which both rings can be filmed.
Weather: Late June, hot as hell outdoors, but airconditioned indoors, with Big Ass fans keeping it so breezy in the bleachers, people wore their jackets.  In early March it was between 28-55 degrees all day.

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