Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lucky Starts Another Class

Again, there is to be no Beginners class, so again, we got placed in Advanced Beginners.  Again, Sandy is the instructor.  Again, all we did was run the same course the Advanced dogs ran on Monday.  Again, I see I will have to train Lucky on my own in all the skills she needs to work on.  I will bring her to class for the socialization aspect, and it won't hurt her to try a few runs.  But she won't learn much in this class.

I got to the field half an hour early and we practiced on our 12 weaves.  She loves her new tug toy so she hopped thru them rather than walk.  She is definitely beginning to get the hop. But she popped out of the last few weaves at least half the time.  In this class, we should be working on improving weave skills.  I saw plenty of places in every dog out there where skills need improvement.

Again, once class started Lucky was lethargic.  Hot.  Panting.  She was leaping all about if I offered her toy, but she ran the course without enthusiasm, stopped about half-way across the dog walk to look around, etc.  Not sure why.  She runs it fine at home. Not fast, but she doesn't stop. Sandra seemed alarmed, as if something must be wrong with her.  Polly suggested I leave her crated up all day to rest, come to class and don't practice on anything until it is my turn to run.  I definitely won't take that advice.  I'll find another way.

And then, it was 90 degrees and muggy out.  Maybe she isn't heat tolerant.  We'll see this fall.

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