Friday, August 20, 2010

"Wildfire" -- Making The Psychic Connection

Last night, John and I watched the finale of a 4 season TV series called WILDFIRE, streamable off of Netflix if you have a Roku box.  It's an expose of the horseracing industry, the sport, the training of the horses, their bloodlines, etc.  I was fascinated with the daily training and conditioning requirements of a racehorse (up at 5, warm up, run, cool down, rest, repeat), as compared to how haphazardly most of us train our dogs.

It was also a riviting romance, full of convoluted plots and counter plots, beautiful scenery, well written, well acted, etc.  After it was all over, I began to process, almost in my sleep, what it was most deeply all about.   And what it was about was -- CONNECTION.

We all talk about the importance of commitment -- in our jobs, marriages, friendships, etc.  But there is something else that happens once in a rare while -- a connection -- when two or more entities come together, attract to each other like magnets, fuse, and circulate round and round together, causing other things happen in their sphere, with or without their willing it into being.

We are coached to believe we can WILL everything and anything into being if we want it badly enough.  We are GOD, the co-creators.  We take enormous comfort in that. It shapes our lives. We pay enormous sums for gurus to teach us about manifesting our destiny.  And of course, in some ways, we can do that.  But keeping the door open to inspiration and recognizing and appreciating when a connection is made, can be difficult.  As the series shows, we build up walls and situations that don't allow inspiration in, and push natural connections away. We get so caught up in our "expectations", our fears, and attempts to control things, we sometimes forget to check out what the universe is actually offering us.

Wildfire and Kris
In the last episode, Wildfire (a retired racehorse with a near-fatal leg injury, and not much enthusiasm for running with other jockeys on his back) wins his last race and a 1 million dollar purse with his best friend/jockey, a girl named Kris, who has saved him from the glue factory years before and won many past races with him, and now visits and rides him out in the pasture every day.  She feels he can race again, but everyone else is doubtful, wonders how Wildfire could possibly win against younger horses. After the race, Carlos, the trainer, says Wildfire found the energy to win "because he loves her". This simple line really struck me, because when I feel connected to someone or something, there is an energy surge that makes me feel much stronger, much sharper, and what might have actually been impossible for me before, becomes easily doable.

It's like an electric cord, always capable of conducting a current, but it doesn't do anything until it gets plugged into a socket.  As Danny says about his relationship with Sandy in the movie Grease, "IT'S ELECTRIFYING!"  That's how I felt becoming a mother.  Before that, I had no idea what I wanted to be, but during my pregnancy I began reading up on childhood education, discovered Maria Montessori, and resolved right then that my son would receive a Montessori education and I would be a Montessori teacher.  This is what set the course of my very exciting, fulfilling, inspiring professional life for the next 27 years.  Despite all the pitfalls, struggles and disappointments of those years, I never lost my inspiration.  It was a great ride.

I feel that way about my Maxie now. Every time I look at him I feel like laughing.  I can hardly keep my hands off of him.  I dream about him at night. I love all my dogs, but Maxie and I have that special "connection".  He knows it.  I know it.  We knew it from the first time we laid eyes on each other, and it's been a non-stop love fest ever since.  I sure wouldn't be writing this blog if it weren't for his inspiration, and I sure wouldn't be so involved with my sometimes-not-too-warm-and-friendly dog club, nor spending so much time and money learning to do agility.  I am absolutely not naturally inclined to exercise, get up early, go to bed early, or sweat.  I do it for Maxie.

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