Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Agility Training Academies

Cruising the internet, I have found some websites outlining a variety of training curriculums.  I will record my research in this post, and when I get time I'll check out the links one by one.

First one sounds mighty interesting:

Martini's Ranch
Debby Wheeler, her husband Jake, live in Escondido, Ca where they have built Martini's Ranch, a dog agility training facility for use by the San Diego dog community.

We use only positive training at Martini's Ranch taking from several well know trainers to provide a well rounded training program. Training philosophies such as Susan Garrett's Operant Conditioning and DASH, Maureen Strenfel's Training Theories on Foundation, Greg Derrett's Handling Philosophy , Sandy Rogers One Jump Two Jump training, Bud Houston's distance work, Linda Mecklinberg's Jump training, and a collage of many other top names are sprinkled into the mix. We use both food and toy motivation and clicker work for shaping (clicker is recommended, but not required). Below are descriptions of what to expect: Agility Foundations 1 & 2; Obstacle Mastery 1 and 2; Beginning Sequencing / Sub-Novice; Novice Handling - Ring Ready; Intermediate Handling; Advanced Handling; Distance 1 & 2.

Under Advanced Handling, the description intrigues me, and mirrors what I've been saying I need: This is where most classes loose their "training" and turn into just an hour of running courses. But at Martini's Ranch, we realize the importance of training new challenges to our dogs and handling options to the human. This class still allows the handler to run courses as this is an integral part of training at this level. But additionally, we take a closer look at problem areas on courses, discuss handling options and allow the dogs to learn the correct way to execute them before running it at full speed on the course . . . . . . . We also incorporate fun and games into the class to keep things fun for both you and your dog.

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