Monday, August 30, 2010

#7 Practice w. Sheryl, More Pentagon Drills

Sheryl had never worked the pentagram drill before (missed last week), so we worked with Charlie, Max and Lucky on sending to T from 1,2,3,4 and various other combinations, then calling from 4 back to 5,6,  or 6,5, and various other combinations, all while H remains within the pentagram.

Then we did a bunch of other stuff, like calling D over the dogwalk from the far end, sending over the dogwalk from the near end to a target on the table, a bit of practice on 12 weaves and A-frame.

We explored Susan Garret's rear cross head-turn exercise and found it very elementary.  All our D's follow us with their eyes and heads.  What we found more challenging was a reliable sit-stay no matter where H goes (front, rear, away, close), and D waiting for a release before getting up.

I wasn't satisfied with today's practice.  In hindsight, I wish we had stuck with sending D OUT to T over 3,4, maybe varying it by adding more straight jumps, repeating it 10 to 15 times and fading the target.  I want to be able to send Maxie ahead 5 or 6 jumps without him looking back.  He's nowhere near that level of confidence.

Next week, I'm going to practice that more diligently.

After breaking a good sweat, we came in and applied ourselves to reserving our Ramada Gulfport room.  I called Ramada by phone and their quote was $79/night with AARP discount.  Thru Expedia, we got a rate of $63, plus tax and $35 pet fee (covers all dogs for as many nights as we stay). Comes out to $41.07 per person per night for 2 double beds and continental breakfast, plus fridge, microwave, cable, free wireless internet, pool, etc.  It's about 7 miles from the trial site.  We were unable to specify "downstairs" due to some remodeling issues, but I'll call a few days ahead and see.

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