Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Goal Setting and Record Keeping

Part of this blog is to keep records of and assess my trialing experiences, home training sessions, classes, progress made, etc.  While ordering the Exercise Sourcebook #1 and #2 from Clean Run (mentioned on a previous blog), I found a page about sports journaling called Aim High, which explains the importance of goal setting and record keeping better than I can.  Follow the link to read that page.

I also ordered the Agility Competition Recordbook, which you see people at trials carrying around.  After their run stats are posted, they copy them into their recordbook.  What the trial secretary sends you via email a few days after the trial does not contain all the info that is in the book and if you dont' get it right away, you'll never see it again.  I want a record of it all.

Recording info in this book, I found out, is cumbersome.  Some competitors simply stick their performance tags into the book and let that be their records.  I found out that isn't enough info for me.  I want to know how my dog performed compared to others in its class (time, faults, placement).  Unfortunately, so many exhibitors crowd around these books, so there isn't time to copy down detailed info.  So I began taking photos of the Unofficial Results pages with my Sony Cybershot and reviewing these at my leisure after I got home.

Here's an example of one page:

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