Thursday, August 5, 2010

Front Door Dog Etiquette

I find it hard to grasp how you go to people's houses and their dogs just stand there wagging their tails, head lowered for a pat. All 4 of mine make a terrible scene at the front door.  They put their absolute WORST foot forward, then 5 minutes later they are all calm as can be, even asleep. No biting, of course, but they bark incessantly and rush the door as soon as it opens. Their "friendly greeting" is like a 21 gun salute! Yap, Yap, Jump Jump, Lick, Lick, knock you over, run out the door, run back in.  Out.  In. Circle around. You have to almost beat your way in. Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Most people trying to enter just stand there with the door open and try to pet them, which makes it worse.  That's why I ask people call me before they turn into my driveway, because once the dogs hear the car coming down the drive, there is no catching them or calling them outside or stowing them behind the kitchen gate.

I've tried everything I know of short of beating them, but nothing works. The Dog Whisperer's trick of IGNORING THEM, TURNING YOUR BACK, etc., is a joke. When I come in, I completely ignore them.  I go hang up my keys, my purse, put a few things away.  I don't pay them any attention until they calm down.  It has not made one jot of difference in their frantic greetings. I've had friends come over, come in, turn their backs to the dogs, never look them in the eyes, nor greet nor pet them til they calm down.  Makes no difference.

I need to apply my mind to this. I know I can figure it out.  I'd better because I don't want to live with this forever.

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