Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#5 Practice with Sheryl - Pinwheel Practice

NOTE:  Today I've been blogging for 1 month.

Last Saturday I set up a 5 jump pinwheel in my yard, but even in the shade it was so darn hot out that's about all I could muster. 90 degrees felt like 110.  Worked it on Sunday morning, twice in each direction, before Maxie and Lucky both pooped out.  Thinking about it, though, that was about 30 obstacles apiece, if you count every obstacle they took.  Longer than an Excellent run, so I guess that wasn't bad.

Monday morning (yesterday) Sheryl and I worked it, taking turns, for about an hour.  I describe the exercise here.

We also set up a 5 jump straight line sequence where D has to zig zag while H runs a straight line, like so:
Then we came in and watched Susan Garret's Success With 1 Jump - Disk 2, Crosses and Turns.  I tried taking notes but while it makes sense to watch, even do, it is hard to describe.  We did some floor practice but both of us are still a little confused.

I spent the late afternoon trying to come up with another way to describe FC and RC, as if I was teaching a child to envision having the dog at the end of an invisible leash and needing to get to their other side and pull them along a different line.  Whether you cross in front or behind, you have to transfer the leash to the other arm.  I practiced RC with Lucky in a sit/stay, I cross behind and treat when she turns her head.
Monday night, I went to class, described in my next post.

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