Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sunday At Joy's

Today Sheryl and I  visited Joy again, shared some delicious Stuffed Bellpepper Stew Sheryl brought, then we walked Joy's dogs, 3 each at a time.  It was my first attempt at walking 3 dogs and I did not particularly enjoy it.  I felt I was always in danger of getting tangled up in the leashes, possibly tripping and injuring myself.  I didn't interact with the dogs much, so busy was I trying to manage them.  From now on no more than 2 dogs at a time.  Afterwards I tried working with Puddin' doing Line Ups on the floor and on the OFF treadmill.  It took some time but he finally started getting the hang of lining up.

Totally different experience than working with my own dogs, who trust me completely and are used to listening to me.  When I tried the "grab the collar" and turn on the treadmill maneuver that worked so well with my dogs, Puddin bolted out of there fast.  Exercise finished.  I'll try this again another day.

Upwards and onward!

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