Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eye Hooks & Clips, Practice with Sheryl

I haven't practiced much since the Lake Charles trial, and when we met at the field at 1:30 today, Monday, a week later, I could hardly get myself going.  I eventually ran Maxie thru a course one time, then Lucky thru portions of the course, but none of us could focus.  It was a bit nippy but not too cold.  We just weren't up to it.  Sheryl and Charlie did much better, although Sheryl was still limping from that sciatic nerve pinch she got in Kiln.

What I was motivated to do was install the eye hooks and carborina clips in various places around the field, which Nedra had authorized me to do.  Naylor Brothers Hardware had assured me that drilling a hole in a large tree would not kill it, especially if it was immediately filled with metal, so I brought my drill and drill bits, went to Home Depot for 8 #4 eye hooks and 8 clamps, and within 15 minutes installed 8 of them.  5 are actually installed in telephone poles or 4x4 fence posts around the perimiter, and one in each of the big trees going down the middle of the field.  NOTE:  The holes I drilled were a bit smaller than the eye hook diameter and not as deep as the screw, ensuring a very snug fit.

This little addition to our field makes it possible for someone training 2 dogs (like myself) to keep them both out at the same time.  Depending on where you are on the field, clip one dog's leash to a nearby hook, work with the other one, then switch out. While both my dogs have a pretty good sit/down/stay, when I'm running the course with one D, the other one gets jealous and runs over begging for its turn.  It's always best, I've found, to train one D at a time.

Also, most of our volunteer instructors have a dog with them, who often takes a turn or is used to demo something.  It's hard for the instructor to hold onto their D and teach, too.  This way, they can tie them off nearby, and bring them forward at appropriate moments.

Upwards and onward!

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