Friday, December 3, 2010

Blogger In Draft

I'm experimenting with "Blogger in Draft" today, seeing what new features Google is adding to the program. Looks like spell checker is working, finally, and one can add videos directly from one's computer instead of having to upload to YouTube first, then embed that code, then get all their stupid ads in your video. You can also "report editor issues" to Google. Those are all big plusses. I don't notice any other differences so far.

Here's my first video upload directly from my computer, Georgie and Zing, our club's fastest dog, and our best Fast Class team, at the Lake Charles trial. Looks like you can't add captions, position left/right, or resize the video from Compose mode:

To resize or reposition the video, you need to go into Edit HTML mode and find this code:

<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
<object height="266" id="BLOG_video-4a45601e57a85c87" class="BLOG_video_class" contentid="4a45601e57a85c87" width="320"></object></div>

You can change center to left or right.

You can change heigth and width dimensions, keeping the same aspect ratio, using this formula to solve for X:

Old height over old width = new height (X) over new width.  You solve for X.

266/320 = X/500 (where 500 is the new width you want, but can be any width), and X is the correct height you are solving for.

320X = 133,000

X = 415.63 (rounded up to 416)

New code for the video, aligned left and larger, results in this:

check spellign

Upwords adn onwurd!

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