Monday, December 27, 2010

The Fry's Christmas - 2010

L to R:  Michele, Nathan, Allison, Jonathan,
Steven, Dawn, Audrey, John
Maxie and Willow were busy eating crumbs off the floor.
As said previously, I couldn't muster the energy to decorate nor take down Maxie's titling ribbons and photos from my mantle this year, so Audrey stepped up and offered her house. She made the sweet potato casserole, her famous oyster dressing and coccoons, salad, and rolls, and I brought a 14 lb spiral ham, loaded mashed potatoes, pecan pies, and chocolate.  And there were other goodies, like the Santa Bread.
  It worked out perfect.  Lots of hearty laughter.  Despite pleas of "no material objects, please,"
 many gifts were exchanged and most were appropriate. The crowd stayed til almost 11 p.m. 

Santa Bread
Nathan fetched Jonathan from Slidell Christmas afternoon, but as usual there were unpleasant surprises. 
We are supposed to have him the whole week, but it turned out the only way he could come was if we promised to bring him back to N.O. the next night -- because his coach had scheduled 2 wrestling practices and a big match between Christmas and New Years.  Nathan hit the ceiling!  What's with these coaches nowadays? 

Rant: Can't society let the kids have a week off at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or even during the summers to be with their families, go on trips, do things organized by their parents?  Something should be mandated to honor family time, also the non-custodial parents' rights who, by court order, are supposed to get their kids every other weekend, holidays, and sometimes summers, but in effect must give up much of that time so their kids can participate in sports, drama, or other school-sponsored events. Schools think too highly of themselves, I think, as though they are the only ones providing value to children.  In modern society, it's as though families don't count anymore.

Anyway, I agreed to bring J back the next day, so he got to come.  Now, waking up this morning to a few days of quiet before Jonathan returns and the festivities start again, I am again working on my Lesson Plan.  There's a lot to learn in Agility but fortunately, there are only so many maneuvers and they can be listed and checked off as presented/learned.  I'm working on just such a checklist.

My favorite doggie gifts: 
  • some warm ear muffs, from Audrey, for those freezing cold trials and winter classes.
  • a canvas collapsible red wagon, from John, found online at  that folds up flat to fit in a car.  I can put all my "crate space" stuff in it in one load.  Also, I can bring several jumps, canvas tunnel, chute, weaves, etc., to dog agility demos, and can use it as a doggie pram as well. 

    Meanwhile, Christmas ain't over because our neighborhood gift exchange will be on New Year's Eve, and our dog club Christmas party won't be til January 8th due to every weekend in December being scheduled with trials and seminars. What's with that? There's always something encroaching on the holidays and family time.

Maxie and Willow in their "pram"

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