Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Clean Run Photo Submission - Followup

I heard back from Clean Run via email.  They said:

We have recently done our full cover photo exploratory for the next few years of covers. Since we do have a couple of Papillons already slated for covers, we are not looking for any new submissions for quite some time. I really do appreciate your sending this to our attention. Marcy - Designer

Keeping the doors open anyway, I wrote them back early this morning, saying:

Thanks for your courteous response. I’m disappointed but I totally understand. You must receive a lot of fabulous photos and have to plan ahead. But just in case there’s ever an opening, keep in mind that I am not interested in the $300 compensation.

I’d like to share this thought with those who decide on the covers: On most Clean Run covers since I’ve subscribed, most of the dogs are extremely close-up -- mostly faces, front paws and maybe a small part of a bar or tire. I really like the whole body shots capturing all those complicated moves. That’s one reason I like my photo. Although only 7 lbs. and very dainty, Maxie’s athletic posture, eagerness and total focus doing agility rivals, I think, that of a much larger dog.

If you ever decide to use my photo in some capacity, please let me know.

I got this response back early this afternoon:

Hi Michele.

Thanks so much for your interest and zealousness in getting your dog’s shot out to us for review. I do appreciate it.  Just note, while I take your feedback on our covers quite seriously, our design policy/cover look IS the extreme close-up and we have no plans to depart from that look at this time.  Thanks again for your thoughts. Enjoy your holidays! Marcy

Well, no one can say I didn't try, and I can't shake the feeling that something is going to turn up eventually.

Meanwhile,  I wrote her back:
As always, I am impressed with the Clean Run team’s responsiveness.  It is the ONLY magazine I have ever read cover to cover, and I look forward to every issue.  Great job and keep up the good work.  Michele

So she wrote back:
Thanks for your lovely comments...I will share it with the team.

So I wrote back:
Okay, then let me add to my comments. Clean Run is one of the few mags I know of that people don’t throw away after reading.  Hang onto and refer back to for years and years.  Draw from continuously.  It doesn’t get outdated.  I know you know this already, but it never hurts to get confirmation from someone “on the outside”.  You are much appreciated by all the agility folks I know, and our dog club hands out subscriptions to Clean Run, or Front and Finish, as perks to its most active volunteers.  That’s how I get mine.

I am glad I finally got to express how impressed I am with Clean Run Magazine.  Anyone doing agility, even just for fun, would do well to subscribe.

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