Monday, December 13, 2010

LCCOC's "Mission Of Mercy" to Joy

When a fellow club member goes down (literally down on the floor with a broken leg), their clubs should rally to their support.  To me, "extended family" is what a dog club in particular should be about, especially when the member, like Joy, lives alone, and devotes so many volunteer hours to support the club's mission -- participate fully in meetings, serve on the board, take classes, help conduct our fundraisers, etc.

About 20 frozen entrees for $50.
Not bad!
So I proposed, and our president authorized me, to bring $50 worth of frozen entrees to Joy's house.  I'm told this is "unprecedented", so maybe the club is moving in a new direction.

Sheryl and I gave up our planned Monday practice session to shop for and deliver about 20 frozen entrees and other nutritious goodies like Yogurt, and walk Joy's dogs.  I brought lunch -- Santa Fe Chipotle Soup!  Since it's 35 degrees out and breezy, the soup was warm and welcoming.  We'll still got some exercise and I got to further assess Puddin'Head Wilson's needs (see previous post).

Puddin'head Wilson, a 2 year old, 70 lb. boxer
Joy had high hopes that Puddin' would be her next agility dog and as you can see, the dog is built rock solid, gorgeous lines and markings, alert and aware of himself.  It's Joy's first pure boxer and she has worked her tail off getting Puddin' into good shape.  He had been found abandoned on the road, she said, slated for the needle when she rescued him from animal control a year ago, at 40 pounds, sick, full of worms and with serious skin problems. I took this photo last spring so she could register him with AKC.  He is now a bit larger, 70 lbs, and more filled out.  Beautiful face, without the smashed in boxer nose, and his jowls don't drool.  Exquisite creature!

After helping me walk all 6 dogs and a pleasant visit, Sheryl had to leave.  I started working with Puddin' on the treadmill.  That will be the subject of my next post.

We never could get all 6 dogs facing the same way for a photo,
they were all so tired after their walk. But they're all there.
 Meanwhile, I've been thinking what it would take to organize a Dog Walking/Dog Training service for club members who are temporarily indisposed. Would there be enough members who would/could volunteer? As, in Joy's case, if 7 people volunteered to rotate duties, one could show up each day to pay a short visit/walk her dogs for an hour, for a couple of months. It would truly be a "mission of mercy" for both dogs and downed club members, and by my and Sheryl's assessment of the day, rewarding to the volunteers too. The dogs were fun to be with, and Joy was so very appreciative of our visit. Playing around with a name for such a fictitious committee, I came up with the "Pooper Scoopers Soup 'n Sandwich Brigade". Joy thought that was hysterically funny as well as appropriate.

Upwards and onward!

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