Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blog Symbols

Blogging inspires deeper contemplation and more thoughtful consideration and analysis of my activities and events, which is probably why I like doing it.  It helps me to live life more consciously and remember things.

I've found some small images to mark categories of thought that come to me while blogging.  I started adding these yesterday and will endeavor to add them to past pages whenever I happen to visit them again, and I may add more symbols as new categories appear.


Idea: whenever I get an idea that's new to me.

Rant: whenever I get on my bull horn and go on a rant.

Musings: things I'm ruminating about, reasoning thru, speculating on.

Gift:  Something I am given thru the generousity of another person, or by some divine intervention.  It is important to acknowledge our gifts to keep them flowing.

Other symbols I'm thinking of adding - thoughts, resolutions, prayers, journeys, achievements, milestones, epiphanies, miracles, pointers, keys, messages.

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