Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FCI World Championship Course Setup

Sheryl and I met at the field at noon and commenced setting up this 60' x 110' FCI 2010 World Championship Jumpers Course that I had seen Susan Garrett run on a video.  I created the map using my Course Designer Program, from the approximate positions I saw on the video. Nedra joined us around 1 and helped us finalize the course, then we all took turns running it til around 3.  I had both Lucky and Maxie with me, Nedra had Jessie, Sheryl had Charlie. The weather was 50's, clear skies, beautiful day.

This course is different from any other I've run.  The angles are tough, and there is sometimes 25 to 38 feet between obstacles (instead of the usual 15-20'), requiring some strong flat work
 between obstacles that I suddenly realize I don't have.  I've indicated a few of the flatwork areas on the map, in red.

We'll be leaving this course up over the Christmas holidays and until new classes begin on January 3.

Looks like I'll be teaching a Beginners class on Wednesday nights (pending sufficient enrollment), and possibly an Intro/Beginners class on Tuesday mornings while the weather is cool.  I'm excited about the possibilities of the club offering day time classes.  It will certainly be warmer in winter, and might tap into a new clientelle that isn't free at night.  To advertise this class, we are going to give a free 1.5 hour Intro To Dog Agility seminar and put calendar announcements in the local papers.  They list events, at no charge, that are free and open to the public.

Upwards and onward!

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