Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Papillon Paraphranalia

Fired clay head, with glass
I've accumulated a few more Papillion items and added them to my Papillon Paraphranalia page today -- a quilt and a license plate, and a photo of the aforementioned custom wind chime of Maxie acquired last year.  It took me awhile to scan in/scrape together the photos.  Hot, muggy, rainy days are good for doing this, and it sure beats pulling more weeds.

One treasured item is a quilt, given to me on Christmas 2010 by my neighbor, Judy Holley, a veteran quilter who does pet portrait quilts.  This one measures 3.5' x 4.5', based on this photo.  She can do one for you too. The background is a tie-die cloth that she made from scratch, using all natural plant dies.  This quilt resides on my guest room bed, but also has a pole slot on the back for hanging on the wall.  It's a signed piece I'm very proud of.

Maxie (L), Willow (R)
Christmas Portrait 2009

Last week, Kathy Roy (who bought one of my papillon puppies) and keeps in touch, surprised me with a gorgeous papillon license plate, which is now on the front of my Grand Marquis.

She got it off of E-bay, but then she located a source for all breeds of Dog License Plates.  I added a link to that page at Papillon Paraphranalia 

I'm always on the lookout for more items and will add my acquisitions to that page whenever I find something.  If anybody runs across a source for more items, please let me know.

Upwards and onwards!

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