Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bursitis - OUCH!

On Tuesday, July 5th, I woke up with horrible pain in my left hip. Excruciating pain, out of the blue. I could not find a pain-free position to lie in Tuesday night, so got no sleep until I took a Lortab.  Fortunately, I had a doctor’s appt scheduled for Wednesday the 6th (at age 64, I'm in process of having my first complete physical). Fearing I couldn't drive or walk into the clinic without fainting, I had John take the day off work to drive me. After pointing to my outer hip, the doc diagnosed it immediately as hip bursitis, a condition where the bursa sac swells up and becomes inflamed.  This happened overnight, without any apparent cause.

Big relief, at least I don't have a hip fracture.  I couldn't teach my Wednesday night agility class, and over the next few days I followed the prescribed regimen: rest, ice, anti-inflammatories, and as needed, pain killers. Within 2 days I felt almost normal, a bit of trouble lifting myself up stairs on that leg, and soreness when I first sit down, otherwise walking normally.

I kept thinking, what if I wake up tomorrow morning with bursitis in both hips?  Shit!  Then I won't be able to walk at all.  I better get acquainted with this condition FAST!  So, while sitting on my arse for 3 days, I surfed the web, read up on bursitis, and found I could have stressed the joint limping around with a pulled calf muscle at the Monroe Trial (though I tried so hard not to limp I was taking baby steps the whole weekend).

Here is an informative website describing Hip Bursitis, aka "trochanteric bursitis".  There are several, all saying pretty much the same thing. More interesting to me, I read several online testimonials that ultra sound works wonders on bursitis, injured tendons, ligaments, reduces inflammation, etc, and there are home kits one can buy, ranging in prices from $99 to $299. I've been wanting one of these for years, and a TENS unit, to treat our periodic lower back problems, John's tennis elbow and shoulder bursitis, etc., because I suspect that what heals you at the chiropractor's office is as much the 10 minute sessions lying on the table with the TENS machine and ice pack, plus the at-home exercises, as the adjustment itself. With a long history of back problems, I have logged in a lot of time at the chiropractors' office and long ago was taught how to pop my own vertebra back into place.

After doing my research, I decided to order the $98 MPO US 1000 3rd Edition Professional Ultrasound Unit and the $75 MPO-8000 - Combo Professional Digital TENS & Muscle Stimulator.  If they work, they will be in my First Aid kit when I go to trials, and anybody there that pulls a muscle can use them.  FYI, I tried buying these items from a local Medical Supply house and was told I needed a doctor's prescription, so I had no choice but to order online.  It really ticks me off when I'm told I'm not allowed to take care of my own self.

I also want to add instant ice packs and heat packs.  I'll look that up next.

Upwards and onward!


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