Wednesday, July 27, 2011

5 Minute Formula To A Brilliant Recall - Online Course

In May, I enrolled in Susan Garett's 5 Minute Formula To A Brilliant Recall Online Course.  I watched all 3 2 hour webinars and took extensive notes, then read each day's material and watched all the videos, one recallers game a day for 31 days.  It's basically a one month regimen, 5 minutes a day per dog. It was a good intellectual exercise, much of it interesting.  But I didn't lift a finger to do the exercises.  By the end I was feeling I'd been jipped out of $300!  And there she was, shamelessly promoting her next e-course, Puppy Peaks, at $400.

Due to my built up angst, you might not understand how/why today I got suckered into buying the Puppy Peaks course, too. We all know "throwing good money after bad" is bad. Of course I want to know all about training puppies to be the most awesome agility dogs, and of course Susan Garett has the highest of training credentials and every day for this entire year she is videoing how she is training her new puppy -- a powerful draw.  But I enrolled mostly because, if you sign up by today the price is only $200, and because of the 30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.  I figured I could take a gander for a month and if it's as lipid as the Recallers course, I can get my money back and learn a little something to make up some of my previous losses.

While waiting all morning for the enrollment info on the Puppy Peaks course to come into my email, with little else to do this dismal rainy day, I took another look at the 5 Minute Forumla website, and saw that now there were 3 consolidated e-books to print out that weren't posted before.  So I spent this morning printing them out, again to recoup as much of my losses as possible. To my shame and surprise, something new jumped out at me that I hadn't grasped before -- I am supposed to actually DO THE EXERCISES, with my dogs, to get the benefit!

Dog training is NOT an intellectual exercise! But in my weak defense, Susan could possibly realize some of us can't endure her pace. I'm not yet that dediated. She could have doled out the exercises in every-other-day or twice-per-week increments.  I for one, watching her daily videos back in May, began to despise dog training like a treadmill I couldn't get off of.  I don't want to train my dogs every single day.  Sometimes we just like to cuddle, and besides, I have a life beyond my dogs.  Dogs.  Dogs.  Dogs.  They aren't everything!

I woke up this morning telling my husband I had nothing more to blog about, life over, end of story.  He suggested I blog about what it feels like to have nothing to blog about.  I'll have to put that one aside til later, because now I must mark how dumb I am sometimes, then get my arse in gear teaching my dogs some brilliant recalls, and taking a new course, too.

No, my dogs aren't "everything".  But I do play with them every day, and I do want them to always come when I call.

Upwards and onward!

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Cheryl said...

I'm hoping you can give me some re-caller tips because I missed signing up for the course.... BTW I thought the re-caller folks were getting the Puppy Peaks material at no extra cost... hmmm

Trying to be the cookie with Grace is working. She comes in from outside to make sure we are still alive now... massive forward progress!