Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why Do I Blog?

Two days ago, on the day of my blog's 1st anniversary, it so happened that Google's Blogger Buzz forum leader asked the question: 

Why Do You Blog?

After reading the other bloggers' comments, I gave it some thought, then posted my own comments:

"I've been wondering why other people blog, and these responses are illuminating! It seems we all want a chance to sort thru and organize our thoughts, record our lives, examine our feelings, share our insights, express ourselves, and be heard! Many times my blog is the only sounding board I have, it lets me speak my truth whenever I'm ready, take as long as I want to develop and edit my points, it remembers everything I said, and reflects me back to myself! That is extremely satisfying. In fact, after I've blogged about something to my satisfaction then people ask me how some episode went, I frequently respond "I just blogged about that.  Go and read it."  I don't feel the need to talk about it anymore.  If I do end up talking about it, my descriptions are more concise because I've thought it through.

The publishing world and news editors have for too long had exclusive power to pick and choose what gets published and shape the culture with their selections and omissions, their rules, their preferences and prejudices. Blogging, YouTube, and social media are now leveling that playing field such that we might finally get a truer picture of what appeals to, concerns, and interests the human race. The silent majority has found it's venue, and the free flow of ideas, the desire for community, people wanting to share what they know, in their own voice, and make their mark, is very confirming to me of an intelligent, benevolent, generous, and diverse free society."

The Google Buzz Team and all the 100+ contributors gave me a unique 1st anniversary gift -- I felt they were raising their voices in toast and encouragement for my own straightforward, undiluted personal expression, and for me that could spell another, perhaps bolder year of Upward and Onward!


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