Sunday, July 10, 2011

High Cholesterol!

Undergoing a complete physical for the first time, trying to figure out all the little quirks in my body and whether they are cause for alarm, urging myself at last to "Do It, Do It, Do It" so I can keep playing agility with my dogs, I have learned the following about myself:

Liver is good
Blood pressure is good
Thyroid is good
Mammography clear, no lymph swelling
No diabetes
Strong heart
Good circulation in both upper and lower extremities
Nothing wrong with my female plumbing except a few small fibroids.

So far, so good!  BUT, why, then, do I tire so easily, feel cotton-headed at times, have muscle twitches and electric twinges, and why all these charlie horses of late?  Why do my knees go numb and my left heel feels like a wooden peg sometimes?  And my ovaries ache. What brought on the bursitis? 

Only thing they found wrong is my cholesterol is "through the roof", the highest my doctor has ever seen, she says.  And my triglicerides are way too high, both raising the alarm for heart disease and stroke.  Smoking doesn't help.  My maternal family's record of high cholesterol doesn't help, since it's hereditary.  And of course I need to lose 25 lbs.

So, she put me on Vitamin D 50,000 mg/week, and Lipitor, which one of the common side effects is muscle cramps!  Muscle cramps!   I sought out medical attention in the first place because of muscle cramps. I can't afford muscle cramps. Crap, crap, crap!

So, I'm cruising the internet again, looking for alternatives to lower my cholesterol without drugs: oatmeal for breakfast, Niacin, more fruit, more vegetables, less fat.  I made a big fruit coctail last night, including 3 bananas, 1 orange, 1 apple, 1 sm can chunk pineapple, 1 tbsp sugar, and fresh rasberries.  I am about to go eat a cup of that. I could probably eat the whole tub in one sitting it's so scrumptuous!

I still have more tests to undergo, including a colonoscopy.  I'm not allergic to anything, so that's good.  These tests are costing a fortune, so I hope they give me a clear picture of my health so I can enjoy another 25 years of active living.

After this regimen, then it's time to visit the dentist after 3 years away.  I've never had good teeth though I brush and water-pic religiously.  Sometimes my gums ache, sometimes I chew and hit a nerve (very painful) and I'm sure I need some work by now.  It's depressing.  I don't want to think about it except there should be some supplement pregnant women can take by now that ensures their babies will have good teeth and bones.

That would definitely take mankind another step upwards and onward!

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