Friday, November 5, 2010

Papillon Paraphranalia

Papillon sculpture by Lois Horan, 2" x 3"
It's hard to find a Papillon figurine, calendar, T-shirt, mug, etc.  I've been on the lookout for the past 3 years, asking around, checking booths at dog events, searching the internet for anything papillon.  Finally my cousin Lois, a Papillon breeder in Florida, hand-crafted me the pictured figurine, which she makes out of sculpty clay and sells for fabulous sums.  She used Maxie's photos as a painting guide, and while it doesn't look quite like Maxie and has ENORMOUS ears, it captures  the adorable "essence of Papillon", I think.  Thanks, Lois.  It's in my curio cabinet with a light on it.  I love it.  I'm going to try to make one myself one of these days.

Maxie posing with his statue, plus my
ENTIRE collection of Papillon memorabilia
not counting the wind chime.

Maxie's Wind Chime,
custom made for me from Maxie's photo.
Other items I've been able to finnagle are the embroidered pockets I commissioned from a club-mate and sewed on my Red Stick Agility T-shirt, two embroidered papillons on the caps I wear at trials, and a drink can holder (hidden behind Maxie's ear), a hand painted wind chime, and finally this year at Pet Smart, a 2011 Papillon calendar, which is made of dinky paper, and outrageously expensive!

If anyone out there is looking for a business enterprise, you could generate some Papillon paraphranalia and find willing customers, believe me.  I'm a sucker for it for sure.

I've heard there are companies that will embroider your dog on a T-shirt.  You just send them a photo.  Don't know what that costs but if I find out I'll post it here. Of course, you can have photos silk-screened on t-shirts, and do iron-on transfers yourself at home with your ink-jet printer.  I'm planning to try that as well one of these days.

Christmas 2010 my neighbor, Judy Holley, a veteral quilter who does dog portrait quilts, made this 3.5' x 4.5' quilt for me, based on this photo.  The background is a tie-die cloth that she made from scratch, using all natural plant dies.  This quilt resides on my guest room bed, but also has a pole slot on the back for hanging on the wall.  It's a signed piece I'm very proud of.

Maxie (L), Willow (R)
Christmas Portrait 2009

In July 2011, Kathy Roy (who bought one of my papillon puppies) and keeps in touch, sent me a gorgeous papillon license plate, which is now on the front of my Grand Marquis. I'm not sure where she found this, but the same one and many other dog breed license plates are available online at Airstrike Ink.
I'm still on the lookout for more papillon paraphranalia, and will add it to this page whenever I find it.

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