Wednesday, November 10, 2010

YouTube Channel

I just discovered I can have my very own Video Channel on YouTube  and store my videos there for free!  AND, I can embed them in this blog any time I want.  I spent most of last evening poking around Youtube and learning the system - how to upload, set captions, etc., because I am very disappointed with my Picasa Web Albums at the moment.  I had uploaded all of Maxie's agility videos to date to Picasa (a good thing) -- then deleted them from my computer altogether (a bad thing).  Then I found out I can never download them back to my computer again.  They are up there for good.  I can't edit, combine, take a snippet, nothing. I am really bummed out with Google.

This morning I successfully watched my first uploaded video, and now I am going to try to embed it right here:

Michele and Maxie,
XJ, Saturday Oct. 23, 2010, Kiln, MS
Score: 100, 2nd Place, 2nd leg
SCT 46 sec, our time: 46.95 seconds (the visit with the photographer cost us 7 seconds).
A slow, wabbly run, but we made it. 

Okay, so it embedded and centered.  Great!  Now I can post detailed comments about my runs while they are still fresh in my mind.  Only thing is, I can't seem to size the video any larger or smaller.  Humm!  Still, pretty cool.

So in my next post I will embed my "Worst Run Ever" to date, and comment on it.  It's pretty sad, but we haven't had any brilliant runs yet, so I'll have to wait to post one of those. 

I am visualizing us running perfectly together, though -- a correographed ballet, perfectly timed, no wabbles, lots of speed and precision, no confusion such as "where the hell do I go next?", or "why did Maxie spin or run way out there and how do I get him back?", or "I'm so exhausted, please don't let me trip over myself or my dog and make a total fool of myself!"

It's harder than it looks, folks, so the bad runs (even if they are Q's) are, so far, far more commonplace than the wonderful ones.  I intend for that to change.

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