Sunday, November 7, 2010

Doggie Birthdays

We know Max and Willow's birthdays for sure, but since Fooh and Lucky are rescues, basically found on the side of the road as wee puppies, we had our vet determine their approximate age by their teeth, then we picked a day to celebrate their birthdays not too far off from their actual birth dates.  Here's the lineup:

FoohFooh - Valentine's Day, February 14
Maxie - June 17
Willow -
Lucky Lucy - Thanksgiving Day

For their gifts, we always give a nice dog bone, which they appreciate as very special because they are the only dog who gets one at that time.  Believe me, they know they are special then.  They chew while the others watch on in envy!

But with Maxie, for some reason, I like to throw him a party.

Here's a slideshow of Maxie's first birthday.

I can't remember what we did for his second birthday.

Here's some photos of his third birthday.

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