Monday, November 15, 2010

A Magical Sunday Night

It's always disappointing when Monday night class is cancelled, especially just before an upcoming trial.  So I was very glad I went out to the field Sunday night (last night)  at 5:30 to help set up a 50 x 100 course with Nedra and Polly.  On my way there Nedra called, said it was raining at her house, and they weren't going out.  I needed to put the Field 4 course map in the shed anyway, so I went on out for that.  On the drive down Airline Highway I noticed a pocket of white in the dark clouds up ahead and prayed that it would be right over the field, that it would not be raining, that I could set up the course and run my dogs.

My prayers were answered.  As soon as I got there, it quit raining right over the field -- not even a sprinkle.  It felt like magic.  The air looked kind of purple, too, you know that look.  I was in a protective bubble.  I had the course map, which required 10 wings.  I was alone.  Aha!  I could do an experiment!  Rather than dragging all the wings and jumps and poles all over Field 1, 1 or 2 at a time the way it's always been done, I stacked them all up, criss cross style, on the yellow wagon, then pulled the wagon around to where I needed to offload the various equipment.  Just as I suspected, it took very little effort and a lot less time.

I had offered all the instructors a few months back, via email, to build a wagon for this purpose, but that email was completely ignored. Not one response.  So I let it go.  I wasn't sure the big yellow wagon would work and I wouldn't dare try it with anyone else there for fear of ridicule or censure -- we need the exercise, they won't fit, don't be so lazy, come on forget about it -- but I learned just how to stack the wings so they fit perfect, and have cut the work load in half.

I wasn't able to set up the A-frame, dog walk, or see-saw by myself.  So I got to thinking about a solution for that, too.  The A-frame will need only 2 people instead of 4.  I think I have it, for next to no cost, but I'll need some more alone time on the field to play with that.

I didn't set up the tunnels either, because we have some 15', some 18', and some 20', and none are marked as to length.  I haven't yet learned to recognize them by appearance. I doubt there are many who know.

Meanwhile, it still wasn't raining so I took the time to run the exercises set up on Field 4, a 14 obstacle jumpers course with many twists and turns.  I didn't think either Maxie or Lucky would be able to do it, but Maxie made no errors, and Lucky only 2.  I was amazed.  Just as Lucky completed her 2nd run, it began to drizzle.   My bubble was popping. Time to go.

Nedra had invited me to come see her workshop's progress, but I had declined in favor of practicing in my magical bubble.  The invite was a bit of magic in itself, though, because we so rarely get invited to people's homes any more. John and I will go later in the week.  Since her retirement, Nedra is completely remodelling her workshop in her back yard, and we are very interested in seeing that.

I'm so glad I was able to squeeze off a practice at the Saturday night bonfire, and another one Sunday night, because the Lake Charles trial is in 10 days and tonight's class will most likely be cancelled.  It's been raining all night and most of this morning.  Maybe if I pray for another bubble?

P.S.  Didn't work this time.  Rained Monday night.  No class.  We sat around and watched TV, and I iced my knee.

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