Monday, July 26, 2010

7/26 Monday Night "Competitive Handling" Class

Nedra's class was called off tonight because so many of them had been at a trial in Hattiesburg the last 4 days. Loralie offered to set up a course and let the rest of us come practice.  Only she and I turned out, she with Jenny and I with Maxie.  The two courses set up were:

1.)  A 13 obstacle course full of traps, and
2.) Nasty Weave Entries: Practice from all angles entering the weave poles, set at 24" apart.

We ran the traps pretty well, and Max didn't get tired. 

Max did surprisingly well adjusting to the new weave pole distances (from 22" to 24"), but he walked rather than hopped through them.  He lost his bounce. I am sure he's confused.  Tomorrow I go out and adjust my weave pole spacer boards, and practice.

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