Wednesday, July 21, 2010

AKC's CAR Program & Lucky

We registered Lucky with AKC and enrolled her in their CAR (Companion Animal Recovery) program in October 2009.  They sent an attractive AKC tag to put on her collar with an 800 phone number on the back.  Shortly thereafter, Lucky got out of the yard while we were gone.  I wrote the story up here of how we got our miscreant doggie back within an hour.  And boy, were we impressed with the CAR program!

I wrote CAR a thank you email and 4 months later they wrote and told me they decided to publish our story in their monthly newsletter, could I send some photos, etc, which I did.  Here's the link:

We have since enrolled all our dogs in the CAR program, even the registered purebred dogs, just to get the AKC tag (which oddly isn't provided to pure bred dogs).  Next we intend to microchip both Lucky and FoohFooh.  Willow and Max came to us chipped.

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