Sunday, July 25, 2010

Alcohol and Agility Don't Mix

While I'm trying to stay away from the hard stuff, last night I had to raise my glass (over and over) to the old folks's achievement (see my blog earlier today about my parents' 65th) and to my, Carole's and Lon's successful coordination of the event. So now, today, as my reward for good deeds done, I feel like crap! It was supposed to rain all day due to tropical storm Bonnie headed our way, but no, as if to rub my nose in it, it's sunny and beautiful out, and I should take the dogs out for practice. But I don't feel like it. Will I never learn?

Sheryl Mc, my (hopefully) new training partner, just called. The gang is in Hattiesburg at the USDAA trial and everyone seems to have done well, all except for Sheryl this morning, whose Boston Terrier, Charlie, decided to leave his stay at the Start Line and pee on the first jump! He was immediately disqualified. She said "it was about as much fun as a root canal."

Okay, so we're still on to practice tomorrow morning at 8:30. I should feel better by then. If it rains, we'll watch another training video and take notes. So now, something else to look forward to.

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