Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wedding Anniversary (continued)

Willow and Maxie adorn our bouquet!
Only picture I have of our 9th is the beautiful roses John brought me Wednesday night, and the numerous gushy cards we exchanged throughout the weekend!

Thursday, May 19:  Leaving 4 dogs home, we headed out for Berryland Camper World and Dixie RV at about 10:30.  The short short story is, we got back home around 5:30, glad to see our babies, savings intact, without an RV, and without inspiration.  We can't possibly justify $80-90,000 for a new motor home!  Who the hell buys these things?  I sold a 3 bedroom house 5 years ago for just a wee bit more than that!

The longer story is, we had a grand old time climbing in and out of new and used models, dreaming of retirement, until we were both tired and sweating like pigs in those closed up units (hot weather is not a good time to shop RV lots).  We learned the difference between a Class A, B, and C, discovered we both like the same floor plans and color schemes, both like slide outs, end tables in the bedroom, elbow room in the halls and bathroom, would rather have an overhead bunk and side cabinet TV than an HD Surround Sound entertainment center up front, and we want nothing shorter than 27' nor longer than 31'. I believe I have gotten over my all-consuming passion to own a Coachman Concord!  I really like the Tioga, for one.  No matter though, unless we can get into something used we really like and that runs good for under $20,000, we won't be getting a motor home.

My fortune this morning said to "Expect A Miracle", and I was hoping it would be a motor home. . . . . . . . Instead, what I think I got was "freedom from wanting one".  We discussed how it would take going to 20 trials a year, for 20 years, to make it come out financially equal to staying in hotels.  Then again, John pointed out that it isn't about saving money, but about convenience -- having your home right with you, being able to eat in, escape the noisy trial environment between runs, take naps during the day, etc.  Less wear and tear on me with planning, packing and unpacking.  Not to mention, being able to travel without advance reservations, no hotel hopping, lugging bags in and out, checking out by a certain time, etc.  It's a luxury.  It's a lifestyle I could love leaving home for.  So I'm still on the fence about an RV.

Friday, May 20:  We were supposed to head over to Miller RV again, then on the Denham Springs to search thru the antique shops for replacement Blue Willow plates.  BUT, we stayed up so late last night watching Medium on Netflix, we decided to stay home and futz around in our PJ's.  Late afternoon, John got ambitious with the leaf shreader and spent a few hours sucking up leaves from around the tree roots and porch stairs. It looks great. I worked on my Recall course, cooked a nice meal, hatched a few new ideas.

For our anniversary gift, we decided on buying a new cookware set they are selling at Winn Dixie. I bought the 1 qt. pot and tried it out, but decided to keep my 35 year old RevereWare pots with thick bottoms and black handles that don't conduct heat, even though the handles broke off years ago.    I've been looking to replace them for a long time, but so far nothing else compares.  Now I just need to find a welder who will tack my handles back on, and that will be plenty gift enough.  I love my pots!

Upwards and onward!

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