Wednesday, May 18, 2011

9th Wedding Anniversary

Today, Wednesday, is John and my 9th Wedding Anniversary.  We've actually been together 12 years. When I asked him how we should celebrate he said "I don't know, whatever you want is fine with me."  Truth is, we'd both just as soon stay home. I have Susan Garret's "5 Minute Formula To A Brilliant Recall" online course to take.  He has his Astronomical Observations online course with tons of challenging assignments. 

On the other hand, I decided we should do something special, so we are taking all day Thursday (tomorrow), John's day off, to head over to Berryland and Dixie RV, about an hour down I-12 toward Hammond, and spend the day looking at RV's.  We both dream of travelling the country when John retires, maybe taking in some agility trials further away from home, etc.  I could use an RV RIGHT NOW.  This anniversary gives us a good excuse to set aside other things and look around.  I am looking forward to a wonderful day, full of dreams and schemes and a bit of excitement.

Meanwhile, today feels like a regular day. John went off to work. I'm puttering around in my PJ's about to defrost the deepfreeze.  Need to get out and mow the agility yard, but need to wet it down first as there is so much dust.

Aw hell, it's my anniversary.  Think I'll just keep playing with my video editing program and cleaning out my computer.  Rest up for teaching 2 classes tonight and figure out what to teach a diverse bunch of students.

Upwards and onward,

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