Monday, May 23, 2011

Linda and Ben

Yesterday, Linda G. and Ben came over for lunch.  Linda is a club-mate who does our newsletter, and Ben is her 3 year old rescue Golden, a 90 pounder she found abandoned in the woods at about 4 weeks of age.  A huge dog with gobbs of energy and apparently some phobias and socialization issues.  Beautiful coat except he chews his feet so they are matted up.  Linda is working hard trying to fix these issues.

I kept my dogs away while we visited on the front porch then crated Ben out there while we went to the Mexican grocery store/restaurant down the road. I gave him a huge frozen turkey neck to keep him occupied, and when we got back he hadn't touched it.  When we opened the crate, though, he grabbed his bone, ran out in the yard and guarding it ferociously, gobbled it down.  We couldn't figure why he didn't eat it in the crate.  Then we went for a long walk in the neighborhood.  Within a few minutes Lucky and Ben were calmly walking shoulder to shoulder.  Ben heels a lot better than Lucky, who still pulls on the leash.  Bad mommy!  I haven't done enough leash training. 

I need to walk my dogs more anyway, because within 10 minutes my hips were burning!  If I hop up at 6:30 this summer while it's still cool out, get dressed, and don't turn on my computer until I get back from walking, I can do it.  Alas, that was my intention this morning but the coffee pot was calling, and I usually sip my first cup while reviewing my emails.  Without even thinking, I sat at my computer, and here I still am.  Shit!  Another bad habit to wrestle down.

As to turkey necks, I tried to buy more at Winn Dixie the other day and was shocked they've gone up to $2.19/lb.  They used to be $.99 or $1.29.  Guess the butchers have caught on that they make great dog treats.  So now I'm on the lookout for cheap turkey necks for my freezer.  One raw frozen turkey neck a week (chicken necks for little dogs) is supposed to clean their teeth, provide collagen for joint health, and safely satisfy the urge to chew (vertebra bones don't splinter).  Not to mention, it's a meal.

I've added Chicken and Turkey Necks to my Dog Treats and Recipes page, which keeps on growing.

Now, back from walking Max and Willow, visiting a neighbor along the way and running some errands, I'm now authorizing myself to play with Trial Genie some more.

Upwards and onward!

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