Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Perfecting My Packing

With all these trials coming up, weekend after weekend, I'm perfecting my packing routine.  I've got it broken down into manageable chunks now (from the confusion of last year), as follows (all this presupposes one has entered the trial a month before, secured a place to stay, and received confirmation notices!):

Monday:  Do laundry, pack all my trialing clothes and shoes into 1 small suitcase. Freeze my ice bottles. Charge my camera batteries.
Tuesday:  Check the dogs' bag for food, first aide, toys, leashes, bowls, paperwork, etc. Print out map to trialing site and hotel.
Wednesday:  Gas up the car, check tires, oil, shop for food and load up food box, get cash, and wash the car windows (it's hell driving east into the morning sun, or heading home west into the sunset with a dirty windshield). Load the trunk with just about everything.  Thursday morning:  Load the cooler with drinks, cold food, and fresh Baton Rouge water.  Pack up the computer. Fold up Maxie's crate, put all in trunk. Be sure sunglasses are in the car.  Put paperwork on the front seat. Take off.

This leaves me most of my days to do regular stuff, mostly confident that I won't forget anything.  At last, not stressing out over packing for trials, and not packing more than I need. What a relief!

Upwards and onward!

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