Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lucky's Monday Night Class Surprise!

The new Monday night Competitive Handling agility class started last night.  As usual I brought Maxie for his 7 p.m. "small dog" class, and Lucky tagged along.  If I get there half an hour early I can usually take Lucky for a practice run on the Excellent course, and staying late after class, I can usually work her on some equipment off the main course.  As I've mentioned elsewhere, she's only had 4 formal lessons, way back in Beginners. Whether she runs or not, it's educational to watch the more seasoned "big dog" teams run, because big dogs pose a different set of handling problems than small dogs like Maxie.

Surprise! Last night, Nedra invited Lucky to join the 8 p.m. class as a substitute if any of the other 5 enrolled students don't show up.  Since only 3 showed up, Lucky got a spot and ran the course about as well as the more advanced dogs.  I even attempted layering the A-frame and weaves, and she did it.  I was thrilled.  We must work on her wide turns, though.  She's not much at "collecting" on course, though she can turn on a dime at full speed at home.

Since we're in our first AKC trial this weekend, in Mobile, then Amite two weeks later, then Port Allen the weekend after that, we need all the practice we can get.  I figure, if she's practicing on Excellent courses, she should be able to nail the Novice courses, which as I recall are pretty straightforward figure 8's.  Can't wait to see if she matches Maxie's novice record of 6 for 6 for NA and NAJ.  I believe she can exceed it (Maxie got one 90), because I'm so much more experienced now and comfortable in the ring.  Actually, she could conceivably earn her OA and OAJ titles within a months' time if she just Q's 6 out of 9 times in each venue. On the other hand, as Kay advises, "never assume!"

So, without assuming, I can still dream, and my heart races when I think of it.

Now, on to the Agility field this morning to tackle the burrs (they are back with a vengeance this Spring) and help Nedra set up a course for the Wednesday night class.  Busy, busy, busy.  This agility stuff is filling my days with activity.  Good!  Less time to eat, or think about the Tsunami that just hit Japan, killing thousands.  John and I make our monthly donation to Doctors Without Borders and know they are over there representing us. There is not much more we can do except hold them in our hearts, pray, and be grateful we live inland.

Upwards and onward,

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