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Doggie First Aid Kit

Over the years I've gathered information about meds and therapies for dogs from various vets, breeders, etc.  After Maxie got sick on a road trip (vomiting, diarreah, and wouldn't eat for 2 days) with me unprepared and unable to access my list, it was a Wake Up Call that I need to make up a First Aid Kit for home and on trips, and to post the list here on the web so I can access it from any computer. Maybe other people will find it useful (but please, use at your own risk -- I'm not a vet).

If anyone has corrections or more to add to this list, please let me know. Be sure and site your sources.

Human Medicines safe for dogs:
Robitussin - Cough, (1/4 tsp/10#) - Breeder
Pepto Bismol - Upset Stomach/vomiting (1/4 tsp/10#) - Breeder

Kaopectate - Diahrrea (+- 1 Tbsp/20#) - Breeder
Immodium - Constipation (1 mg per 15 lbs 1-2 times daily) - Breeder
Mineral Oil - Constipation (1/2 tsp/10#) - Vet
Neosporin - Cuts, Bites (topical antibiotic ointment) - Vet
Children's Liquid Benadryl - allergy, sneezing, wheezing, itching (1 tsp/10#), also works on some dogs as a tranquilizer. - Vet
Hydrogen Peroxide: to induce vomiting, about a teaspoon per 5 pounds of body weight by mouth. If vomiting does not occur within 5 to 10 minutes, the dose may be repeated at least 2 more times. - Vet
Ice Water - Overheating. - Vet
Normal dog temperature ranges from 100 to 102.5. Overheated, the dog pants and the tongue turns purple. They may throw up. Remedy: drink ice water, dip rag in ice water and put on head, belly, underarms. Take temp rectally. If they can't hold down any water, bring to vet at once
Antibiotics - for infections, oral antibiotics such as chloromycetin or tetracycline are safe.

Rectal thermometer
Needleless syringe (to dispense liquids)
Cotton swabs and Q-tips

At home remedies for general health:

Apple Cider Vinegar: Try the health food variety over supermarket brands. Put in the dogs water bowl, 1/2 oz for large dogs and 1/4 oz for smaller dogs. Taken internally, helps get rid of fleas, improve tear stains and the condition of the dog's coat. Use in the rinse water after the shampoo for smooth, soft fur and also a flea detterant. - Breeder

IVERSIDE - Heartworm Medicine. Breeders can get a bottle from vet for $38 and give by dropperfuls (syringe) to all the dogs, mixed in their food once a month (1 drop per 2 lbs of dog.).  - Breeder

Can get flea/tick/mosquito control by bottle at PetSmart and treat all animals with that. Much cheaper than other treatments. - Breeder
Can get eye drops from PetSmart for weeping eyes. Vet doesn't have these. - Breeder

Advantage: Flea Treatment, now over the counter med, data supplied by Azelea Vet Svc.
Cats under 9 lbs, .4cc
Cats over 9 lbs, .8 cc
Dogs 1-10#, .4 cc
Dogs 11-20#, 1 cc
Dogs 21-55#, 2.5 cc
Dosages can vary without consequence. To save money, buy for a large dog and divide each monthly treatment using a needleless syringe among several smaller animals.

Tranquilizer:  Children's Liquid Benedryl (makes some dogs hyper), safe for older dogs or those with heart conditions who should not be given tranquilizers.

Doggie CPR: 
If dog isn't breathing or there is no pulse.
Lay dog on their right side, kneel with your knees to their back.
Feel for a pulse under the dew claw area, or at the heart (where their elbow touches their chest).
Stretch their head forward in straight line with their body.
Stack your hands and lock fingers.  Lock elbows.  Do 15 chest compressions rapidly.
Cover their nose with your mouth, hold their jaws closed, and breathe into their nostrils 4 times on the first turn, then 1 time every turn thereafter.
Compress their abdomen to circulate the blood, one hand over, one hand under abdomen.
15 compressions to one breath, then an abdominal squeeze.
Repeat until you feel a pulse.
see video at CPR in Dogs  (if it is still there)

Poisonous Foods to Dogs:
  • Onions, grapes, raisins, chocolate, cocoa, avocadoes and macadamia nuts can be fatal, too. As few as 7 raisins can kill your dog due to renal failure.
  • Dogs, cats and humans are highly allergic to chocolate and yellow jasmine. One square from a thin chocolate Hershey's bar can kill a dog, One yellow jasmine flower can kill a sensitive human, much less for a dog.
  • Dogs and cats have been known to suffer toxicity from large quantities of onions or garlic. (A bit of flavoring in meat or gravy won't hurt them).
  • Raisins and grapes in quantity are also toxic.
Care and Maintenance:

Expressing the Anal Glands: Anal glands on male dogs need to be expressed periodically. If the dog drags his butt across the floor or seems excessively interested in the anal area, this can indicate it is time to express: The anal glands are paired sacs located at about four and eight o'clock positions around the rectum. They are comprised of sebaceous oil glands that secrete a serous odoriferous brown discharge. The discharge is usually expressed as feces are eliminated. However, in smaller breed dogs this discharge seems to be saved until times of extreme fear, anger, or revenge! in these breeds the anal glands are usually expressed as the groomer lifts the tail and manually pushes up and out. Lift the tail. Press a warm damp washcloth over the area. Use the thumb on one gland and the forefinger on the other, and squeeze the fingers towards each other. Use a sprayer bottle of clear water and clean rag to clean the area after expressing.

I'll add to this list as I get more information.  Now, to make up my travelling First Aid Kit . . . . .

Upwards and onward!

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