Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trial Entry Process

RANT:  I'm always into streamlining processes, making jobs easier to save time and energy, and this Trial Entry process is a real time sucker.  When you are doing 10-20 trials a year, countless hours are wasted filling in the same info over and over on each entry form, when about the only thing that changes per dog are the classes entered.

So after getting the OK from our Trial Secretary, yesterday I filled out one AKC entry form for Maxie and another for Lucky, made 10 copies of each, and for the rest of this year I'll just staple a copy to the specific Trial Entry Form in question, select classes, sign, write check and send.  I even put stamps and return addresses on 10 envelopes.

 I intend to try online registration next.  Pray that they keep the info on file for each dog, and take online payments without a surcharge.

ANOTHER RANT: Then I tackled which hotel room to reserve in Mobile.  Whew, huge price ranges.  LaQuinta was $90 with AARP discount plus tax.  Another one was $79.  Finally located Red Roof Inn Mobile North for $60.  That's reasonable.  But there are 3 Red Roof Inns, and I had a devil of a time studying online maps and addresses to find which one was closest to the arena.  Why doesn't someone in the agility world do this ONE TIME and share it with everybody else????????  Oh yeah, that IS WHAT I AM DOING!  But I mean, someone with the trial, so 100 exhibitors don't have to research it individually. Such a duplication of effort seems such a waste.

The rest of my day I sorta moped around with a hole in my heart. No puppy energy pumping me up. Dusted a bit.  Watched a little TV. Ate dry crackers.   Even the dogs are just laying around, quiet as church mice.  And it's raining outside.  Good moping weather.

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