Tuesday, October 5, 2010

#8 Practice with Sheryl - Weave Entries, Sends & Calls

Having practiced Monday morning and Monday night, I wasn't up to much practice Tuesday morning.  We decided to watch some more of Susal Garret's Success With One Jump video, including Rear Cross training, Serpentines and Threadles.  All of my notes on this video are included in an earlier post on the whole series, found here.

Maxie doing the weaves.

We decided to do a little outdoor practice after all.  We practiced 2 pole weave entries from various angles and Maxie, Charlie and Lucky did well.  We added one jump, then two.  All did well.  Then, as an experiment, I sat myself in a chair at one end of 12 weaves, sent Sheryl to the other end about 6 feet out.  I sent Maxie thru the weaves to Sheryl for a treat, then called him back to me for a treat.  Back and Forth.  Back and Forth, with me NOT running alongside.  No Handler motion, just a wave of the hand and a "weave" command. He must have done it 20 times and thoroughly enjoyed himself.  We then tried it with Charlie and he began getting the hang of it.  Needs a bit more practice to go both ways without skipping any poles.  We didn't try it with Lucky.  Next time.

It was lots of fun making up an exercise and watching Maxie catch on so quickly.  I'm so very proud of my little man.

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