Saturday, October 30, 2010

Front Cross/Rear Cross and Speed Tips

Nedra taught this in class a few weeks back:

.#1 Front Crosses make D speed up.
With a slower D, do a FC wherever possible.

#2 Rear Crosses make D slow down.  With a fast D, do a RC wherever possible.

This one stands to reason, as D wants to stay with H and a RC slows down H's forward motion, pulls D back.
With slower D's, RC's work pretty good on contact obstacles where D's speed is slowed down anyway, and when D is in midair over a jump, maybe not so good on the ground. 

A RC is hard to perform very close to the jump.  It tends to push D sideways and away from the jump.  Here's a video clip showing what can happen.

You have to time your RC so it occurs just after the previous jump.  This means you have to send D straignt ahead while you slow down and cross diagonally behind them, without slowing D down.  This is difficult, as D is generally trying to stay with you and match your speed.  Need lots of SEND practice and ARM CHANGE practice to do this well.

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