Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monday Night "Blocks and Wraps" Practice

For the first time this season, Temperature: 55.  Everyone wore jackets, while last week we were sweating buckets!  The grass has slowed down its growth so the XS course set up last time has stayed up 2 weeks.  We've run it forwards, then backwards, then last night Nedra re-numbered all the obstacles for a totally new run.  While probably not meeting all AKC requirements for a sanctioned course, it presented some very interesting challenges. 

Here's a part of the course I'm calling "Blocks & Wraps", because even the most seasoned dogs had trouble with multiple choices and difficult entries.  There are lots of traps, and the most difficult weave entry I've ever seen, made harder by the beckoning tunnel entrance.  All that said, Maxie did a perfect weave entry the first time.  I was so proud, but sad that by that time nobody was watching us.  But he had problems in other areas.  We will practice this again Wednesday night when I go out to assist Kay's Beginner's class.

Enough said.

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