Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gift For The Teacher - Nedra's Retirement

Last night during class I presented Nedra, our Monday night "Competitive Handling" instructor, with a card signed by all her students and a $50 gift card to Home Depot, celebrating her retirement after 51 years with the same company.  I think she was pleasantly surprised.  Someone commented, "Now that you're retired, we plan on working you to death."  That's not far from the truth, as Nedra says she plans on running for LCCOC's 2011 Agility Director.  We are all quite happy with that.  Nedra has been a member of LCCOC for 36 years or so, helped organize the agility arm of our club, is usually our AgilityTrial Secretary, very knowledgable in the sport, knows all the people involved, and she has a calming personality.  Everyone likes and respects her. She should be a joy to work with and I have great hopes for the club's growth under her leadership.

It took 2 months from the time I got the card to collect money from every student and get their signatures on the card.  It seems someone is always missing from class.  Last night was the first night everyone was there, and the card had been in my glove box so long the envelope had stains on it.

Still, mission accomplished.

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