Monday, November 12, 2012

Cousin Lois - Professional Handler

My cousin Lois, the papillon breeder from whom I got Pepper, and whose puppies I sometimes bring to Louisiana to sell, was recently invited into the Professional Handlers Association Hall Of Fame.  She asked me to make up a full page ad for their publication, which I was happy to do using photos she provided.  Some of the photos were so faded, it took most of yesterday to spiff them up.  Here's the ad:

Congratulations, Cousin Lois!  When she submitted the ad, she received the following response back from PHA.

"Great job!! Love the photos from then to now and your text is worded very nicely."

So there's at least one other serious dog fancier in my family, and a very talented one at that!  And I have discovered another way to recompense her for my wonderful puppies in addition to working on her website.  All of which makes me very happy.

Upwards and onward!

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