Friday, November 30, 2012

Armchair Training - Hassock Drills

Hassock Drills: Here's something I do with my old hassock that really taxes Maxie's and Pepper's brain -- they have to walk backwards to go forward, and forward to go backwards. They have to be really careful with their feet, take turns, and stay focused. I can do this indoors with little prep time, sitting in my chair, in slippers and PJ's while watching TV. Now that's my kind of training, and great when the weather is too hot or cold to train outdoors, or when I'm tired but the dogs are anxious to do tricks and earn treats, or when I'm nursing a leg injury and can barely walk!

I also use it with 50# Lucky Lucy, but haven't managed to take a video yet. People spend a lot of money on training aides -- plastic bubbles, inflated peanuts, etc. -- that need to be stored when not in use.  But my hassock stays in the living room all the time and serves as my foot prop, grooming table, TV tray, etc.  It's an inexpensive and handy piece of furniture ($20, Walmart)  that I'd be lost without.

Upwards and onward!

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