Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cold Weather Headgear - Trapper's Hat

In Kiln recently, with cold winds a-blowing, a fellow competitor was wearing a fur lined trapper's hat that covered her ears, strapped under her chin, and looked really warm. She said she got it from  I came home and perused the site, but was shocked at the prices between $100 and $260.  So I googled "trappers hat" and came up with the one pictured, from this link at, for only $19.99.  I purchased a book and qualified for FREE shipping, too. It came in yesterday, fits and looks great, so I no longer fear freezing my ears off at winter trials, nor my knitted cap falling off mid-run as it did last year.

With the new gloves my son bought me last Christmas, and presuming I remember to pack them both, my extremities are ready to withstand the freezing temps at Lake Charles.

Upwards and onward!

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