Friday, January 14, 2011

Finger Clicker

Not satisfied with the clicker hanging around my neck, getting tangled up in my clothes or in Lucky's toy, or as a wrist band, still always flailing around to get to it, I had John take one apart so I could see where to put the holes and insert an elastic band so I can wear it on my finger. The prototype looks like this, and it works great! I can still use my hand to do other things like reach in my pocket for treats, and still CLICK whenever you want to! Before I make up a bunch of them, though, or cut off the necklace loop, I'm going to use this one for awhile, make sure the elastic band doesn't cut off my circulation, etc.

Clicker, taken apart, poked,
and elastic sewn into a point for threading.
These are the clickers you get at PetSmart for $1.50 at the check out counter, which make a loud, crisp click. At this price I can make up half a dozen and lend them to my students.  I poked the holes thru the plastic with an old ice pick heated up at the tip, and sewed the flat elastic into a round point at the end so I could thread it through the round holes.

Units don't have to be disassembled to poke the holes, I just took one apart to see how much clearance is needed not to interfere with the metal plate.  They are simple little gadgets, ingenious!  I always wonder who designs these things and gets them manufactured in the first place.  In my next life I want to learn all about the manufacturing process.  They don't teach this in school.

Of course, no sooner than I invent something, I find out it's already been invented.  My friend Cheryl W. sent me this link to a similar product, but the reviews indicate they aren't that good (muffled click, too bulky, etc), so I think I'll stick with my makeshift version.

Okay, enough playing around.  I've got to get ready for dinner at my son Nathan's house tonight.  He's making us a roast in his new pressure cooker.  John is already over there working on an electrical problem.  All my agility friends are in Kiln, MS at a trial this weekend, which I'm missing because next Thursday John and I are leaving for Florida for a week and I don't want to be too exhausted to pack for our trip.  After that trip, it's going to be agility, agility, agility all year. That's the plan anyway.

Upwards and onward!

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