Friday, January 14, 2011

Agility Committee

Being an instructor apparently puts you on the Agility Committee, which I didn't automatically know!  Being on the Agility Committee automatically makes me feel more responsible for our field and equipment, not to mention our students, which has got me to thinking about the safety of our fence, and the ease of care of our field.

Yesterday I brought my neighbor Thom, the Fences Built guy, out to see our fence, which was damaged in Hurricane Gustav and has yet to be repaired.  We checked every square inch along the bottom for possible holes, found a huge one where the ditch drains the field and the soil keeps eroding, a 50' length of fence that is only 3 feet high, and several places where the fence is not attached to the poles any more or being pushed over by new growth trees.  Thom will give us an estimate on fixing all that, including using used materials he may have salvaged from other jobs.

While Thom and I examined the fence, John was on a laddar loping off the bushes and small trees that grow along the back side of the fence, creating some openings so we could throw our twigs and branches over the fence without them getting all tangled up.  With all the trees on the property, there is always tidying up to do and since we have no "yard maintenance", we have to do it ourselves.  I am hoping everyone in the club helps with this, but you know, it usually falls to a few devoted souls.

It was 37 degrees at Noon, so I took the opportunity to test my 4 layered "freezing weather teaching outfit", and it kept me warm.  In fact, after running Maxie and Lucky a few times, I had to peel off the windbreaker.  Nice!  Maxie was spot on, fast and focused.  Lucky was energetic so long as I was carrying/throwing her toy, but just trying to run the course with her, she became lethargic after the first run.  She followed my signals well, though, including some sophisticated moves, rear steering, and I'm not discouraged despite instructors telling me "Lucky isn't Maxie".  I remember when Maxie used to run half a course, then just sit down and refuse to move.  He had had enough.  I would have to go pick him up.  He still does that occasionally.
Upwards and onward!

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