Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Maxie's Birthday/Lauren's Visit/Vertigo

L to R: Michele, John, Lauran
June 17th was Maxie's 6th Birthday.  We postponed celebrating until John's daughter arrived from Colorado on the 19th, and headed for Avery Island on the 20th where I thought the photo ops would be especially good for a doggie birthday party.  I imagined situating Maxie, Pepper, Lucky and me on a majestic fallen oak tree trunk, Spanish moss in the background and maybe an egret in the distance, but by the time we got there it was raining torrentially and we were all stuck in the car. 

John and Lauren
The patio restaurant where I had sorta planned to purchase a burger and stick 6 candles in for Maxie, was closed!  We got one brief moment without rain to pose ourselves in front of the Tobasco bus, alas without the dogs, and I winsomely photographed the Country Store porch where the party was to have taken place. It was drenched.

It wasn't a wasted trip, though.  Lauren spotted several birds she's been looking for, and in the gift shop John bought me a replacement Tobasco golf umbrella to replace the one we had gotten there 10 years ago, which is now looking pretty shabby. Also a flat wooden spoon.  I scored a colorful Tobasco tray, Tobasco thermometer for the porch, and two more stoneware Tobasco mugs to add to our collection (oversize and great for eating soup)!

So poor Maxie didn't get his party after all, and since then I've been too busy entertaining, then dealing with a weird health problem -- suddenly I started having vertigo!  The room spins around when I stand, sit, or lie down quickly.  I'm on antibiotics for a tooth infection in preparation for a root canal in a few days, but nothing else out of the ordinary is happening. I checked out side effects of Amoxicillan on the internet and it doesn't list vertigo as one of them.  I checked out Vertigo and it states 4 causes, one of which is inner ear problems which I doubt I have.  Also visual problems, of which I still struggle with my cataract surgery from last year, which is getting noticeably worse.  Or low blood pressure (mine's high), or a brain tumor.  So here we go, another hurdle to climb, another mystery to resolve. More doctors to see.  More money to spend.

I am hoping I can get this vertigo under control before the Hattiesburg trial coming up in just 11 short days from now.  I have Maxie and Lucky entered for Thurs, Fri, and Saturday.  No way I can practice, nor run my dogs with the ground rising up and the room spinning around!

Upwards and onward with fingers crossed!

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