Friday, May 4, 2012

Components Training

Going through a rough patch these past 2 months, I haven't been blogging much.  Then Susan Garrett's Components Training blog post came along, and suddenly I feel I have a better handle on how to get through all of this.  Agility Training is like that.  It offers many lessons that can be applied to life.  Here's a short synopsis of what's going on with me:
  • My cataract surgery did not go well last month and I'm dealing with vertigo, fear and  disappointment. I had such high hopes to get improved vision, but it is worse.  I feel sad deep down inside, always on the verge of tears, like our disabled veterans must feel.
  • My right hip started hurting last month and I'm having trouble running and going up stairs. Anti-inflammatories and ice packs have done nothing to heal it. What's up with this? I need to see a doctor but don't have the time.
  • My Dad died yesterday after a long painful illness.  I spent a week with my Mother at his bedside in Florida, watching him grow weaker and saying goodbye, and that was sad.
  • His funeral arrangements, and moving my Mom into an assisted living situation closer to home, are all up in the air, especially with the long distances we live apart.  She's very independent, too, so is making all the decisions, but my activities are on hold until all this is settled.
  • With me out of town for a whole week, the yard and house have gone to the dogs, and I'm not at all ready to receive the company that's coming in for Dad's funeral.
  • I came home to learn that my husband's young son in law was killed in a car crash while I was in Florida tending to Dad, leaving behind a widow and 7 young children. Inconceivably sad, far sadder than what I'm going through. 
  • My new RV needs some minor work before I take it to a trial, and I don't have time for that with all the other stuff going on.
  • My new puppy needs training and I have neither time nor concentration for that.
  • I brought home some mangos from Florida, and along with them came fruit flies, which are now all over my kitchen.  The fly catcher strips I've hung up are no where near as desirable to these pests as a banana peel, so I interwove one of those into the strip last night.  This morning there were 100 or more flies on the strip!  One small victory!  But at least 500 more flies are still on the loose.
  • The stinging caterpillars all last month have my dogs so afraid to go outside, they are peeing and pooping in the house.  They've been stung several times, and despite my diligent efforts to clean up after them, the house is getting "that odor".  With company coming for the funeral, that makes me frantic. 
  • My grieving mother has been on an emotional roller coaster regarding my Dad's illness and now his death, making us all fear for her health as well.
And I am getting impatient. With everything.  My mind is a jumble of thoughts about unfinished business and disappointing outcomes.  I go through the motions as best I can but the pile doesn't seem to be going down.  Sheesh, I can't even blog lately -- very weird for me.

Then yesterday I read a blurb on Susan Garret's blog about Components Training, breaking it up into little tiny pieces and just doing one step at a time to get the desired result.  Not trying to teach nor expect the final behavior all at once.  Back chaining as necessary to build a solid foundation.  Just as I've done teaching Montessori pre-schoolers throughout my professional career.  Break complicated skills down into tiny components, then put them together, and ordinary kids perform what seem like extraordinary feats.  Everyone is gifted with the right training.

The article gave me just the advice I needed to tackle this mountain of details facing me.  Start somewhere, doing one little thing at a time, whittling down the pile bit by bit.  Of course I already know all that, but the reminder came in at the right moment, and suddenly I don't feel so overwhelmed.  I must feel better.  Looky here, I'm blogging!

I have Tanya Lee's agility seminar to blog about, what I learned recently about how to tug properly, my new RV, my puppy's progress, and my cataract surgery.  The little post I put up earlier entitled 'CATARACT SURGERY - Part I' received more hits than most others I've posted, so this must be a very hot search topic.  I promise to give it it's due, when I get time.  It will keep.  I have to prioritize.  Baby steps.  Baby steps. Baby steps WILL get me back on top of the pile eventually.

As well as, always, the 3 P's:
  1. Patience,
  2. Persistence, and
  3. Prayer

If not upwards and onward for the moment, at least maybe I'll not be going downward and backwards.

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