Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cataract Surgery - Part 1

I didn't want to say anything about my recent cataract surgery until I knew the outcome.  I went in calm and optimistic two weeks ago tomorrow, but it's been a scary and disappointing couple of weeks and I still don't know the outcome.  Meanwhile, I've missed all my classes, haven't practiced a bit, haven't trained the puppy, haven't exercised, couldn't teach my classes, and am just crossing my fingers that my depth perception will be back on track by this weekend for our club's annual Agility Trial.  I see 20/20 with the new eye (says the doctor), but it feels like someone else's eye in my body, there is considerable eye strain, and the ground swells up and the background spins when I try to run or turn fast.

I scheduled this surgery 3 weeks before our trial, on assurances that I'd be up and running within 3 days!  But I didn't even dare drive for the first week, and still don't go down stairs without holding on to the railing. I drive with extreme caution, checking and rechecking my spacing. I hope I can run my courses and help with the trial.  Far from hoping for Q's for Maxie and Lucky, I'm just hoping to complete my runs and not trip, fall, injure or embarass myself.

It's been a disorienting two weeks.  I'm jotting down a whirlwind of thoughts and tips but am not ready to share.  Meanwhile, I'm keeping busy doing things I can.  Like right now -- laundry and planning meals for the weekend when I'll be too tired to cook.  And I've probably killed 1,000 stinging caterpillars.

Upwards and onward!

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